Ekoparty is a yearly conference running since 2001 that has become a community itself. They have a space for Spanish-speakers seeking to build a career in cybersecurity with certified courses, training, and resources.

The conference is a meeting point for people interested in the information security sphere. Before the pandemic, they used to meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina but now it's hosted on virtual channels.

The event joins experts from all over the world in talks available for Spanish and English speakers. Participants engage in hands-on projects through workshops and thematic challenges. You'll be part of training programs and hackactivities to develop your skills while you learn from an innovative environment.

Beyond events, they offer a certified program to learn the industry fundamentals in a collaborative space. Moreover courses, you'll receive help to find your next job with experienced mentors. You can enroll in Fundamentals of Hacking and Defense by paying a $1.000 fee.

Join to be part of a group of fellow students and participate in group activities to enhance your teamwork skills.

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Attend conferences: 
Participate in virtual events with hackers from all over Latin America. Joining international experts, members get insights from professionals working in diverse fields. Attend workshops led by speakers to sharp your skills moreover your experience level.

Gain access to hackactivities and put hands-on to learn by doing.

Study in the Hackacademy:
Join a program to develop a cybersecurity career. Through flexible courses with live and recorded classes, members gain skills to unlock more opportunities.

Certify your learnings in a trusted institution to unlock new job opportunities. Participate in a learning community with thematic study groups where everyone's cooperation is encouraged.

Get mentors' help:
The educational schedule goes beyond courses and offers mentorship programs to students. You'll receive assistance in building your network and searching for job opportunities.

Job board: 
Stay updated with the latest available opportunities and apply through the platform to be considered. With remote and local listings, you'll find open positions from top companies.

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Included in Free Version

You can apply for job opportunities within the ekoparty platform and subscribe to the newsletter to receive the newest available positions. The community also offers a yearly magazine with success stories and interviews with industry leaders.



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Attend the annual ekoparty conference to meet tech enthusiasts and learn from a curated team of speakers.

Talks are available in Spanish and English to expand the experience to members from all over the world.

The event has become a place where people interested in information security connect to learn and discover new job opportunities.

Although they used to meet in Buenos Aires, due to pandemic restrictions the event is now available on virtual channels.

Learning Events

Sign up for online training and learn from well-known infosec leaders. You'll find a diverse range of programs to learn new tools and techniques. These programs are up to 5 days long and help students in all experience levels.

Networking Events

Virtual expositions and events run on Discord, allowing community members to interact with fellow participants. They offer a friendly space where both beginners and expert leaders feel welcome.

Take advantage of the networking spaces to meet new people and bond with professionals working in similar industries. You can organize private meetings and join dedicated channels without leaving the conference.

Content Library

Access previous ekoparty conferences talks within their Youtube channel.


They offer a certified course on Fundamentals of Hacking and Defense at $1.000. The program lasts 36 weeks, and it's open to everyone even with beginner skills.

With pre-recorded and live sessions, you'll learn in a world-class collaborative community.

Certification meets international standards and helps you prove your skills backed up by an institution with 16 years of experience.
Hackademy also provides a mentorship service to help students connect with companies looking for talents.


"It was awesome! First time I attend, I went alone but I immediately made friends. I felt more than welcome and learned a lot. I hope I can come back next year" -Valeria Ayelén

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