Everharbor is a free platform that allows recruiters and professionals to discover and connect with creative companies and talent.

Creating a free profile on the platform allows you to unlock a network of 3,000+ creative companies (agencies, consultancies, think tanks, and more), 200+ recruiting agencies, and a global database of talented professionals. 

For creative companies, Everharbor serves as a source of recurrent talent for both freelance and full-time work. Recruiting agencies, on the other hand, are able to connect with new clients and individuals; while individual professionals can discover creative companies and connect with recruiters.

Additionally, Everharbor allows recent graduates and young professionals to elevate their careers and boost their skills with an ever-growing resource library. It includes articles, books, newsletters, podcasts, an association list, jobs, and education opportunities.

Lastly, you can join Everharbor's Slack group to chat in real-time with other members. They mostly use the group to discover and share career offers and job opportunities.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Chris Gorges

  • Amount of members: 200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Expand your professional network:
Everharbor is a great resource both for recruiters and young professionals. Indeed, the platform allows you to access 3,000+ creative companies, 200+ recruiting agencies, and a global network of talented professionals.

Get new career opportunities:
By creating a free profile in Everharbor, you'll be able to access several career opportunities. On the other hand, the Slack group has a #jobs-and-projects channel to find and post open job listings.

Boost your career:
Everharbor has an ever-growing resource library that includes books, podcasts, newsletters, articles, jobs, an associations list, and education opportunities.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Everharbor gives you access to 3,000+ creative companies, 200+ recruiting agencies, and a global network of other talented creatives. By creating a free profile, you'll be able to discover and connect with brand, innovation, digital, and design firms; alongside consultancies, agencies, think tanks, recruiters, and other creatives.

Besides the platform itself, Everharbor has a Slack group where you can chat directly with other members. The Slack group is mostly used to find and share open job postings and career opportunities.

Content Library

Everharbor's website is full of resources. Among those, you can find articles, books, jobs, newsletters, podcasts, tools, an associations list, and education opportunities.


"Everharbor gave me a holistic introduction to the world of creative and innovative agencies. As a recent graduate and stranger to the industry, it served as both a networking tool and a comprehensive database to educate me on my career options as an aspiring strategist, connecting me to people at the companies I discovered, and allowing me to land my dream job." -Amanda Payne

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