Fiddle Hangout is an online free community for fiddle players to interact with each other, share knowledge, and discuss all things violins.

To access all content, you need to create an account. The community has a discussion forum with four main sections:

  • Playing the Fiddle: It has a music theory thread and another thread with playing advice to help you perfect your technique.
  • Other Fiddle-Related Topics: These include setup and repair, product reviews, a marketplace thread, and a space for sharing tabs and chords.
  • Misc: It's an off-topic space where members interact more casually with each other and talk about daily topics.
  • Fiddle Hangout Website: This space covers members' suggestions and opinions about the website. Here, members leave their comments and feedback to improve the community's website.

Apart from the forum, Fiddle Hangout offers lessons, video tutorials, and other resources to improve your skills. There are over 190 lessons in the archive. The topics include building and setup, music theory, playing techniques, and references. There is also a media library, that includes MP3 tracks and video content.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Founders:

    Eric Schlange

  • Amount of members: 19,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Improve your skills:
Through the lessons and content available, you will be able to learn more about playing the fiddle. Some of the topics you can learn include music theory and setup.

Take free lessons:
All lessons are video tutorials available on the website. There are over 190 lessons in the archive. If you want to contribute to the community's learning process, you can also submit your own lesson.

Find like-minded people:
As the community is for music and fiddle lovers, you will find people with similar interests. It's a great chance to expand your network, bounce off ideas, and learn from others.


No requirements.



Fiddle Hangout has created a calendar for fiddle events. These include workshops, jams, concerts, and association meetings.

The calendar has a search engine and a map. You can look for events based on city, country, state, and date range. It's also possible to filter according to the type of event. The other option is by clicking on the state on the map. If members know about a different event, they can submit it to the community's calendar. Taking into account the type of events, they are mostly in-person, but there are also virtual events for you to participate in.

Networking Events

Members of Fiddle Hangout interact using the community's forum. Although the community is focused on fiddle topics, members also have an off-topic section. Overall, it's a great place to find other music and fiddle lovers, make new friends, and discuss all things violins.

Content Library

The community has a video library organized alphabetically. There are songs and also lessons. Each video has a brief description as well as its location on the website. This way, members know what is the video about and what to expect from it. Also, there is an MP3 library. You will find a huge list of songs organized alphabetically and according to the genre. You also have the option to add the songs to your playlist. On the "Jukebox" section, you will find lots of playlists based on genre.

Another incredible resource is the Fiddle Tablature library. You can request or submit tabs. Moreover, there are some links to software tools to download free tablatures.


Fiddle Hangout has 190 lessons on its website. Some of them are videos explaining a particular topic while others offer external links. Topics range from music theory to building and setup. Additionally, there are some paid courses. Price range from $14 to $39, and they are offered by over 30 different instructors. There is also a search engine to find a teacher in your state. Last but not least, the community's monthly newsletter includes free lessons.


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