Floxies is a free community for women UX/UI designers and developers. Members meet every Wednesday at 5 pm UK time on Gathertown.

There are no requirements to join, you only need to request access inside the Floxies website. Once you are part of the Discord server, you will be able to start talking with other members. Inside the online group, there are channels to casually talk, to share interests and hobbies, and to simply network and connect with other women in tech.

You can also find a job board and a special channel for collaborations. These channels are ideal to expand your professional network and to find new career opportunities. Additionally, you will find a resource library inside the Discord server. Members share new resources every day that will help you further advance in your career.

On the other hand, you can find a handful of channels both for design and development topics. These channels' purpose is to ask questions, request feedback, give recommendations, and help other members by giving them advice. The online group is a very supportive space where you can get the help you need to get unstuck and advance in your projects.

Every week members gather virtually at Gathertown. They usually practice their skills with hands-on projects or simply hang out. Sometimes, the community invites expert speakers to discuss a specific topic. Those meetings, along with the occasional educational workshops, are great learning opportunities to expand your knowledge.


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Join a thriving community of women designers and developers:
Floxies has hundreds of members on the Discord server. Inside, you can ask questions, receive feedback, and learn from other members' experiences. You can also participate on a job board and a dedicated channel to make collaborations!

Participate in weekly meetings:
Every Wednesday, Floxies members meet in Gathertown to practice their skills with hands-on projects or to simply hang out. They regularly invite expert speakers to these meetings to discuss a specific topic related to design or development.

Get curated resources and advance in you career:
The Discord server is filled with useful resources members share every day. You can find tools, software, courses recommendations, blogs, YouTube channels, and more!


No requirements.



Members meet virtually once a week on Gathertown. The meetings are every Wednesday at 5 pm UK time. These gatherings are to simply hang out or to learn something new, they don't miss any meeting!. They also regularly invite guest speakers to discuss a specific topic and to share inspirational talks.

Learning Events

At some of their weekly meetings, they invite expert speakers. Those talks are also a great way to further educate yourself and grow in your career. Besides, they are introducing portfolio reviews sessions, Webflow workshops, and mental rooms to relax and chill. In the future, they will bring volunteer psychologists to host monthly events.

Networking Events

Floxies members meet every Wednesday at Gathertown. These meetings are an ideal place to hang out and connect with other members. The community also has a Discord server. This online group has channels like "introductions", "motivation", "show and tell", "our socials", "Floxies around the world", "ideas", and "must watch". All of those channels are great spaces to interact with other members, network, and meet like-minded people that share your same interests.

To expand your professional network and maybe discover great career opportunities, the Discord server also has a job board and a dedicated channel for collaborations. Besides all of those networking channels, the online group also has assigned channels for development and design topics. Inside, members can ask questions about specific issues, give feedback, and support each other in their projects.

Content Library

Floxies' Discord online group has dedicated channels where members share useful resources. Those channels are:

  • "design resources"
  • "IT library"
  • "speakers slides"

Additionally, you can find helpful resources by joining different development or design channels. Every day, members share tools they use, blogs they read, YouTube channels they watch, what courses they have made, etc.


"Had a great call yesterday with @CCafeo talking about Webflow and freelancing. If you’re in the no-code and Webflow space, check out what she’s doing with @Floxiesdesign!" -Jordan Shotwell


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