FlyerTalk it's a free community for travelers that includes lively, engaging online forums to discuss any travel-related topics.

It's completely free to register in FlyerTalk and start interacting with other travelers worldwide. The community gathers many diverse types of travelers. You will find people who travel as a lifestyle, and also people who only travel for vacations. This ensures you will likely find like-minded travelers and make new friends who share your travel interests.

The online forums have many categories and many subforums inside each category. You will be able to discuss loyalty programs, environmentally friendly travel, different destinations, the best places to stay, coronavirus restrictions, and more.

Additionally, FlyerTalk it's a great website to always stay up-to-date on any travel-related news. The community also offers several extensive guides on different airlines, hotel chains, and travel destinations. Moreover, you can explore FlyerTalk's database of expert hotel reviews and browse through their glossary when you encounter an unknown term in the online forums.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 1998
  • Founders:

    Randy Petersen

  • Amount of members: 799,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Participate in a community of travelers:
FlyerTalk has over 799,000 members from all over the world. Some are nomads and travel on an ongoing basis, while others only travel for vacations. FlyerTalk diverse base of members allows you to meet like-minded people and find your tribe of travelers to bounce off ideas and advice.

Get access to exclusive deals:
Members of FlyerTalk use two subforums (specifically, "Mileage Run Deals" and "Hotel Deals") to find exclusive offers and unusually low prices on different airlines and hotels around the world.

Share your experiences in the online forum:
The online forums are awesome to discuss any travel-related topics and destinations. Members commonly use the forum to ask questions, request advice, and share their travel experiences with others.



No requirements.


Networking Events

FlyerTalk online forums gather over 799,000 travelers worldwide to discuss travel-related topics. These forums constitute an awesome opportunity to meet diverse travelers and make new friends. Members commonly use the forum to ask questions, request advice, and share travel experiences with others. FlyerTalk's online forums have the following categories:

  • Miles & Points
  • Travel & Dining
  • Destinations
  • Community
  • Support & Services

Inside each category, there are many subforums where members can discuss a variety of topics related to travel. You will be able to talk about mileage programs, credit card programs, car rental programs, hotels and places to stay, and other loyalty programs. Additionally, there are forums to discuss different destinations around the world and share your travel experiences with others. Members also talk about environmentally friendly travel, plan travel itineraries together, and discuss travel tools and products.

Content Library

Inside of FlyerTalk's online forums, you will be able to find several "wiki posts". These are detailed, extensive guides about airlines, hotels chains, and destinations around the world. You can also explore the community's expert hotel reviews to decide the place to stay for your next trip. Lastly, don't forget to use FlyerTalk's glossary. It will help you navigate through the community's online forums since it contains the definitions of terms used by frequent flyers and other travelers.

Benefits with other companies

Members use two subforums to find exclusive offers and unusually low prices. Specifically, "Mileage Run Deals", and "Hotel Deals" are the two subforums where members share deals they find with other fellow travelers.


"Thanks to Flyertalk and its forum of helpful travel enthusiasts, I was able to book 3 business class tickets to Ireland in July for less than $800 each through mileage runs." -Ninde M.

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