Founder Summit is a remote community for professionals building sustainable companies.

Members are founders who engage in weekly and monthly virtual events to share ideas with folks around the world. It's a place where you can build long-lasting connections and learn with scheduled content.

Their mission is to provide a space where founders can meet fellow professionals and be honest about their challenges. Through yearly summits, the community strengthen their bondings and enhance their members' career. You'll learn how to impact your company by avoiding technical content to focus on building your own support network.

To be part of the community, you need to be invited to ensure the quality of the group. Once you get accepted, you can join the community by paying a $199 yearly fee. The Founder Summit membership will give you access to the conferences and community.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Kevin McArdle, Tyler Tringas

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Yearly conferences:
Join 150+ fellows in an invite-only worldwide in-person event. Meet founders and funders seeking to learn from each other and plan profitable businesses.

Discover what the experts are doing and sharp your skills in mentorship sessions.

Meetups and sessions:
Participate in activities to engage in 1:1 conversations and virtual events. Share your concerns in the Hotseat sessions and learn how to improve your career in a supportive group of peers.

Mastermind groups:
Join an 8-week cohort to build real connections for accountability and get inspiration.

  • Yearly Cost


The community is invite-only. You need to register and wait until your request is approved for keeping the community quality standards.



Members meet in 1:1 coffee meetups, mastermind groups, and hot-seat sessions. You'll be in groups where experts help you validating your ideas and finding new strategies.

Once a year, they host a conference where 150+ friendly founders and funders join to recharge energies. With mentorship sessions and group activities, you'll learn how to build profitable companies along with your peers.

Learning Events

Participate in remote happy hours, Q&A sessions, and expert roundtables to ask your questions and receive guidance. Learn from a curated group of mentors willing to support your journey.

Join a mastermind group to hold accountable with peer support and discover insights with mentorship sessions. With 8 weeks of collaborative work, you'll have access to brainstorming sessions and Hot seats led by an expert.

Networking Events

Join hundreds of experienced bootstrappers and successful company builders to meet new people. Create long-lasting relationships with fellow professionals who had your back.

Beyond professional meetings, you'll have opportunities to meet in social events to simply chat and laugh with your peers.


"This is a seriously awesome opportunity for bootstrapped founders. The mentors are excellent. Highly recommend signing up for one. Included with Founder Summit Remote membership. Lots of value, well worth it." -Jonathan Zacks

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