FounderLed is a paid, invite-only community for SaaS founders who want to further grow their startups. The community only accepts 10 new members a week.

To join, you have to fill an application form to get on the waitlist. The community only accepts 10 new founders every Friday. On Monday, members welcome the new founders added to the community in a video call. New members prepare a short, one-slide presentation to introduce themselves to the group and begin to interact with others. Introductions can later continue in the online group's Intros channel.

The online group is the main communication channel. Inside, members interact and share knowledge with each other. You can find the main channel, which is intended for general discussion ("Discuss"). There is also a Founder Directory, and an AMA to ask questions to founders who have bootstrapped to $1M.

On the other hand, there are dedicated channels for different stages of revenue when building a startup. The channels are: pre-launch, 10K challenge, $0-$1M, $1-5M, and $5+. To know founders in different stages of growth will help you to get useful insights for growing your startup further.

Lastly, the community has several resources that can help SaaS founders. For example, there is a Template Directory. This channel includes resources like incentive structures templates for launching affiliate programs. There are also directories and lists. Examples of these types of resources are the SDR firms directory, the development shops list, and the exclusive discounts + codes lists. This last one will allow you to find special offers in companies that can be a huge help for a startup. FounderLed's resources also include the more traditional guides and articles, such as the User Acquisition Playbook.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Nathan Latka

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Participate in a community for SaaS founders:
FounderLed is a community of SaaS founders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You can get accountability and motivation from a group of like-minded makers who share their most valuable insights with other founders.

Leverage useful resources:
The community has several resources to facilitate tasks for SaaS founders. For example, you can access a list of SDR firms and development shops, templates of incentive structures for launching an affiliate program, and even a directory with exclusive discounts and codes for different platforms and software!


To join, you need to fill out an application form to enter the waitlist. Keep in mind that there are currently 100+ people on the waitlist, and the community only accepts 10 new members every week. 


Networking Events

The community interacts in an online group where you will find different channels to talk about diverse topics. This group is filled with other SaaS founders who share their experiences, wins, and challenges with the rest of the members. You can get motivation and accountability in a group of like-minded makers in the same niche as you.

For example, the online group has different channels for various stages in the building process of a startup: pre-launch, 10k Challenge, $0-1M, $1-5M, and $5M+. You can get diverse insights depending on the founders you meet in each channel.

The group also has channels like Discuss (for general discussion), a Founder Directory, and an AMA where members can ask questions to founders who have bootstrapped to $1M.

Additionally, you will have some networking meetups. Every Monday you can participate in a video call to meet the 10 new founders that have been added to the community that week. Each new member prepares a short, single-slide presentation of themselves for the rest of the members, which continues in the Intros channel in the online group.

Content Library

FounderLed has tons of high-quality resources for SaaS founders. The online group has a dedicated section for resources, with channels like Template Directory, Discount List + Codes, and User Acquisition Playbook.

The Template Directory is especially useful for members. Some examples of very useful resources:

  • A directory of SDR firms.
  • List of vetted development shops.
  • Incentive structure templates for launching an affiliate program.

There is also a book club inside the community. SaaS founders share their favorite books and opinions about them. Zero to Sold by Arvid Kahl was the highest-rated book from the community of 2021.

Benefits with other companies

Inside the online group, you can find a discount list with codes for receiving special offers from other companies.


"I hated waiting to get accepted but once I was in I understood why. The playbooks inside the community are worth a ton just by themselves. I used several templates I couldn’t find anywhere else." -Lu Doan

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