With more than 25 local chapters around the world, Founders Network offers peer-learning experiences to tech startups entrepreneurs. Uplevel your business and product skills in a community of founders sharing the same challenges, and receive feedback from top specialists.

Offering 4 different memberships for joining in, you'll find a space for every stage in your professional career.

Participate in mentoring sessions, monthly intros with new members, and forum discussions. Receive discounts for the most-used tools to make your everyday tasks simpler.

Applicants must pass a rigorous approval process to gain their spot. Once the committee reviews your request, you can be part of exclusive communities by paying a yearly fee.

Memberships pricing starts at $41.62 monthly and varies according to founders' experience. Boostrap, Angel, Series A+, and Lifetime groups ensure you'll be in touch with founders who are on the same page.

To be considered for the community, you need to meet revenue requirements, and a member must nominate you. The exclusivity of the different membership plans ensures benefits according to your current stage and access to a network of like-minded people.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    Kevin Holmes

  • Amount of members: 600
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Mentors platform:
Ask your questions to experienced mentors within the forum, and receive real-time support in a space created for heads-down founders.

Take advantage of the email extensible feature to interact in discussion forums directly from your inbox.

Create your founder profile and find interesting people to meet.

Join an investor mentoring program:
Receive world-class feedback from some of the top VCs and angels in the tech industry.

Through one-to-one office hours, investor matching, and regular updates. you'll access a community of 50 institutional and corporate venture capital investors.

Meet in events and workshops:
Hosting 100 global startup events per year, the community learns and discusses topics of interest for the startup world. Join local chapters to attend in-person events o register for online meetings.

Join a like-minded community:
Find a membership that fits your business revenue and get surrounded by founders in similar positions. Engage in a group of professionals struggling with the same challenges to discover innovative solutions.

Save time and money using the members' discounts for top tools used by the experts. Improve your productivity by accessing management software at the lowest price possible.

  • Monthly Cost


You need to meet specific revenue requirements according to the program that fits your profile. From founders raising $150,000 in annual revenue to serial entrepreneurs, you can apply for the program that suits you most.



    • United States.
    • Canada.
    • England.
    • Germany.
    • India.
    • Colombia.
    • Argentina.
    • United Arab Emirates
    • China.
    • Peru.
    • Mexico.
    • France.
    • Brazil.
    • Singapore.
    • Australia.
    • Israel.
    • Japan.


Members join in live mentoring sessions to participate in talks with featured guests. Gain the confidence to engage with peers in the warm intros sessions.

Within the one-to-one meetings, you'll be able to talk with mentors willing to help you with honest feedback and support.

Be part of a group of 10-12 fellow founders and meet in peer advisory roundtables. Share your challenges in a confidential space and help your peers.

Learning Events

Founders receive feedback and analysis from top institutional and corporate venture capital investors through one-to-one office hours and investor matching sessions. Join in virtual and in-person events to learn from selected mentors.

Participate in quarterly mentoring programs categorized by industry, and discover a community of experts working in your sector.

Networking Events

The community members engage in a mentors platform to connect with specialists to learn and make new connections. Within the Slack community, you'll also find more channels to chat with fellow founders.

Founders have dynamic profiles for making networking easier.

Content Library

With a huge collection of 5 years of archived discussions, you'll be able to find guidance in past members' questions.

Connect with investors interested in your sector, stage, and location using the investor directory. Unlock new investment opportunities and find people interested in your industry.

Benefits with other companies

Membership includes over $500k on deals for common tools and software. Save time and money accessing discounts for top companies such as AWS or Google.


Inclusivity is one of the core values of Founders Network, and they serve the community by supporting unique events for women and black founders.


"You'll learn more in The Founders Network Forum daily than most courses you ever waded through." -Galen Buckwalter

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