FrontendCafé is a virtual community for Spanish-speaker people working in tech. Whether if you're just starting to build your career or you're an expert in your field, there's a place for you.

Running a community based on inclusion and diversity, they organize peer learning activities to help you improve. With 13,000+ members in Discord, you can be part of a space to challenge your skills regardless of your level.

Participate in pair-programming groups to build in community and complement with members' skills.

Join them for free to access channels organized by programming language, projects, and resources. Ask for mentors' help to get unstuck and join in live chats to work with your peers. You can schedule a virtual session with experienced professionals to receive guidance and feedback.

Within Discord, you'll find invitations to events, job opportunities, music channels, and more. Join to gain clarity about the future of your career and participate in coworking channels to work in collaboration.




Ask your questions:
Join categorized channels to talk and ask for help by programming language.

Members engage in tech discussions to get unstuck and find fresh solutions.

Attend live events:
The community promotes its events in dedicated channels. You'll get invitations to participate in online workshops, programs, sessions, and courses.

Join a coworking space:
Programming can be lonely, but it doesn't have to. Members engage in a coworking channel to connect while working. You can join to participate in fun activities and make the workspace more pleasant.

Pair programming:
Discover peers reaching for similar goals and join to create innovative products together.

Find a mentor:
Connect with leaders and schedule sessions to receive guidance to build your own path.

Job opportunities:
Discover the latest available positions to apply. You'll also find training programs and bootcamps to enroll.



No requirements.



Members meet in mentorship sessions to learn from experts and attend English sessions to improve their speech.

You can join a study group to focus on specific tools to learn in a collaborative environment.

Learning Events

You can join in workshops and brainstorming sessions. Share your ideas and build them along with your peers in pair-programming channels.

Networking Events

They run a Discord community where members join to discuss any tech-related topic. You'll find from beginner students to experienced leaders within one place. It's a good channel to bond with folks within the industry and make new friends.

Content Library

They have a section for resources with books, articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

You can navigate within the community section to find a directory of members. It's a useful tool to discover talents to hire and connect with people for collaboration. You can also find mentors offering their services.

To see the projects developed by community members you can check out the dedicated section.


"Sharing knowledge and helping those who are just starting is a beautiful and rewarding experience. While the tech universe is full of spaces that profit from the desire and learning needs of many, @FrontEndCafe gives us an inclusive and free space. Thanks!" -Cezilia Mar

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