GirlCode is an online community focused on supporting women software engineers to break the gender gap in the industry. The community offers guidance in the job market. For instance, it has a Salary Insight Tool to check if you are being paid what you should.

GirlCode has coding bootcamps and coding courses to train yourself and gain knowledge. Moreover, there are meet-up events. You will also have the chance to find a mentor. This person will guide you throughout the process of growing your career. And if you have experience in the field, you can also become a mentor!

On the other hand, the community has its own job board. You can get a job there or hire talent for your company. The only requirement is, of course, to identify as a woman and work in the tech industry. For this purpose, GirlCode asks for your LinkedIn profile and they check it before approving your account.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    James Grant

  • Amount of members: 30,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Train yourself:
The community offers multiple possibilities to gain knowledge. Code courses and bootcamps are one of the best options. You can also participate in different meet-up events.

Be up-to-date:
By subscribing to the Girl Code's newsletter, you will access the most recent information about software engineering and the job market.

Find job opportunities:
You can find a fair job through the community's job board. Also, it's an opportunity to meet other professionals and do some networking.

Value your work:
If you are not certain about how much you should be paid, Girl Code has the solution. You can access a Salary Insight Tool that will help you determine a fair salary according to your skills and experience.


To identify yourself as a woman and work in the tech industry.


Learning Events

GirlCode offers virtual and in-person learning events. Some of them are conferences with expert speakers to learn about a particular topic. For instance, "How to build a career in music tech". On the other hand, the community has also opened Coding Bootcamps. Currently, Girl Code has a program called Coding Bootcamp Partner. This consists of an annual membership (£799) that allows you to attend and create your own Bootcamps.

Networking Events

When it comes to networking events, the community has two possibilities, virtual and in-person events.

Virtual events are hosted through the community's forum. There are two sections there destined to interact and meet new people. The first one is called "Introductions", usually used by new members. The second one is "General Chat", which is used to do small talk and freely share information.

Members also communicate through Discord or Slack.

In-person events are commonly hosted in London or Berlin. They are meet-ups focused on gathering with other women, having a beer and conversating about tech and life.

Content Library

The community has a section called "Women-in-Tech News" where you can find different resources. For example, there is a video library with lots of videos of girls from the administrative team answering members' common questions.

Another resource is the community's newsletter. It's published monthly and it contains the most relevant information about women-in-tech. You can also find articles and interviews with experts and ambassadors.

Finally, one of the most useful tools is the Salary Insight Tool. It's focused on helping members find out how much should they charge for their services. In order to access this resource, you need to provide information about your position. What is your current title? How many years have you been in that position? And how many years do you have in the industry? Those are some of the answers the tool needs to help you find a fair salary for your position and experience.


Girl Code offers coding courses. You can take any courses you are interested in or become an instructor for a specific topic you have experience in.

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