GrowthMentor is an international team composed of diverse backgrounds and skills, strongly believing in human relationships and active learning.

The community emerged from the founder's personal learning journey in the marketing industry. As trends and strategies change every day, networking and community support have become indispensable for keeping updated. The platform's mission is to provide a safe space to ask for help and promote peer-learning activities in a collaborative environment.

With 300+ vetted mentors available to help with your specific questions, GrowthMentors offer mentorship and coaching services to boost your career.

Membership includes unlimited mentorship calls to receive guidance from experts working in diverse industries. Receive personalized help in 1:1 calls and participate in AMAs to learn from common community questions.

You can join by paying a $75 monthly subscription and be part of a Slack community composed of marketing people.

If you're a freelancer or consultant looking for a job, the Talented Network will show you the latest opportunities. You'll be able to set up your professional profile and apply for your next dream job.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders:

    Foti Panagiotakopoulos

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get personalized advice:
With 300+ growth mentors available, you'll get your ideas validated by operators driving growth at top companies in the world.

Work with a supportive team of expert mentors to receive practical advice and move forward in your career. You'll be able to filter mentors by expertise and role to get instant answers to your specific questions.

One-to-one calls:
Create help requests and wait until mentors reach you to receive expert help. Schedule the sessions using an in-app scheduling system to join in Zoom, Skype, or Hangout. If you need more support, you can ask for coaching sessions with mentors of your interest.

Membership gives you access to unlimited mentor calls.

Accountability coaching:
Request monthly 1:1 accountability packages to improve your performance. Participate in weekly accountability coaching sessions for keeping up your goals on track.

Private community:
Join an exclusive group of fellow professionals to create new connections and receive honest feedback. Engage in Slack channels and discover new networking opportunities in the GrowthMentor community platform.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

Navigate in the use cases, advice, video library, and podcast sections to discover high-quality free resources.


No requirements.



Meet with mentors in on-demand calls and monthly coaching sessions. Take advantage of the 1:1 conversations to ask your questions and validate ideas.

You'll be able to schedule mentorship sessions requests, allowing many professionals to apply for solving your doubts.

If you need help beyond mentorship calls, you can request coaching sessions packages from your favorite mentors.

With membership, you'll receive unlimited mentorship calls and weekly check-ins with accountability coaches.

Networking Events

Members gain access to a private Slack community to build genuine relationships with like-minded people.

Avoid noisy Social Media groups full of self-promoting and spam content, and be part of an enriching community of marketers. Take advantage of the space for investing in networking to enhance your career along with your peers.

You'll also be part of an online community hosted on GrowthMentor's platform. Create your profile to indicate your role and interest and math with professionals like you.

The community is the perfect place for finding a co-founder, discover investment opportunities, exchange information, or brainstorm with partners.

Content Library

Read the use cases to learn about growth marketing, career development, social media, and more.

Within the advice page, you'll find articles written by mentors willing to assist you beyond live sessions. You'll discover best practices implemented by experts and actionable strategies for growing your income.

With more than 50 hours, the video library has free video content created by experienced mentors.

Benefits with other companies

GrowthMentor offers discounts for top marketing tools. Purchase software and services at the lowest price possible.

Find deals for keyword and competitor research, coaching services, project management, templates, and more.


"GrowthMentor has helped me to build tons of in-depth skills, learn approaches, get career direction and feedback, and a lot for my personal brand." -Niels Zee

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