Habitica is a free mobile app that allows you to gamify your goals/tasks/habits. Its community increases accountability and social productivity.

The mobile app is available both for iOS and Android, and it's completely free to use. When you join Habitica, you will be able to add to the app things like your daily tasks or habits you want to solidify. Every time you complete a task, you get rewards inside Habitica. By progressing on your goals you can buy prizes, upgrade your avatar, and level up.

However, the true power of Habitica resides in its community. You can join interests groups or create a group with your friends. If you skip a task, the whole group suffers. As you can imagine, this type of accountability hugely increases the likelihood you stick to your goals and habits. Additionally, there are several challenges inside the app, and winners get juicy prices. So, Habitica increases your motivation by harnessing accountability, social productivity, and competition.

Moreover, you can buy a group plan in Habitica to make group work easy. It costs $9/month + $3/member. The group plan allows you to get access to a private taskboard, along with a chat area to interact with all members of the group. Indeed, this Habitica plan it's perfect to manage group projects and delegating tasks.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Vicky Hsu

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Increase your productivity:
Habitica allows you to gamify your life: by completing goals and tasks you receive in-game rewards and level up. This way, it's easy to motivate yourself to stick to those habits that otherwise you prefer to avoid.

Get accountability:
You can join interest groups inside the app, as well as play with your friends: this is Habitica's social productivity component. Your peers will help keep you accountable since you won't want them to know you skip tasks!

Make group work easier:
With the group plan in Habitica, you get access to a private taskboard and a chat area for your entire group. The group plan makes it super easy to delegate tasks and manage a group workflow.



No requirements.


Networking Events

Habitica allows you to make progress on your goals by making your life a videogame. You can add your goals or habits to the app, and completing them will allow you to buy prizes, build your avatar, and level up. However, the true power of Habitica resides in its community.

You can join interest groups and play with your friends, as well as participate in different challenges. When you are in a group with your friends for example, and one of you misses a goal (like going to the gym) everyone's avatars get affected. As you can imagine, this boosts your productivity and helps to keep yourself accountable.

Additionally, there is a premium Habitica plan. For $9/month + $3/member, you can access a private taskboard and a chat area for the entire group. The group plan allows members to assign tasks to different group members, as well as claim their own tasks, which ensures everyone knows what the others are working on. Moreover, the group plan gives you in-game benefits such as special monthly equipment sets.

Content Library

To find content related to the app, as well as learn to use it to its fullest, you can check out the Habitica Wiki.


"This game is it. It’s adorable and easy to use. So your chores or projects or just daily habits you want to make routine are rewarded instantly. (You know us millennials with our instant gratification) This app has helped me immensely. I have moderate to severe depression which makes day-to-day habits that most people do without thinking a lot more difficult for me. So if I find something difficult, I put it in my Habitica list and it gives me an extra nudge of motivation." -iOS app user


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