Impact Hustlers is a paid community for impact-driven founders to find insightful content, peer support, and accountability.

By joining the community, you will connect with 100+ impact founders who are ready to help each other overcome challenges and roadblocks on the path to success. Additionally, members get inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs and investors, learning from their mistakes and having fun while creating a massive impact.

Membership costs $29/month or $288/year, and it includes many learning and networking events. The community organizes bi-weekly mastermind groups, one-on-one introductions for new members, exclusive AMA sessions, and even in-person networking events.

Additionally, you can participate in an online group to chat in real-time with like-minded founders. On the other hand, Impact Hustlers organizes an annual summit where thousands of impact founders gather to discuss environmental and social issues.

Furthermore, members get matched with investors to facilitate fundraising, get thousands of dollars of discounts on software tools, and are able to explore a knowledge base full of helpful content. Lastly, Impact Hustlers has a free weekly newsletter and podcast.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Founders:

    Maiko Schaffrath

  • Amount of members: 100
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Connect with other investors:
The Impact Hustlers community organizes one-on-one member introductions, monthly sessions to connect with each other, an online group, and even in-person events where you will be able to meet like-minded founders.

Learn with world-class startup content:
The community has a knowledge base with useful content for members, along with a weekly newsletter and podcast full of great insights from experienced founders and industry experts.

Participate in insightful events:
Impact Hustlers hosts an annual summit (the ClimateTech Founders Summit), bi-weekly mastermind groups, monthly AMA sessions, and even introductions to investors for fundraising purposes.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

For free, you can explore the Impact Hustlers weekly podcast and newsletter.


To be the founder of a startup solving a social or environmental problem.



The community organizes bi-weekly group masterminds to provide peer support. These are small groups of 4-6 members to discuss some of the biggest challenges of their respective startups.

Learning Events

Members participate in monthly "off the record" AMA sessions with experienced founders and investors, which are great opportunities to learn from people who have been there before. Additionally, the community organizes the annual ClimateTech Founders Summit, where you can connect with other founders working towards a more sustainable future.

Networking Events

Impact Hustlers organizes many networking events for members to connect and interact with one another. On the one hand, you can participate in monthly "Connectors": this is where you can meet other members and get support with your challenges. Additionally, there are curated one-on-one introductions for new members to meet each other.

On the other hand, you get matched to investors to raise your next round. The community has an investor matching tool that automatically matches you to suitable investors. Lastly, you get to participate in invite-only in-person events, as well as an online group to chat in real-time with others.

Content Library

Besides a knowledge base with useful content for members, you can also access a newsletter and a podcast. The weekly newsletter curates the best advice and content for impact-driven entrepreneurs and change makers. On the other hand, every week the community features some of the best entrepreneurs, investors, and experts on the Impact Hustlers podcast. Here, you can learn how startups are building business models around social and environmental impact.

Benefits with other companies

Your membership includes $250,000 worth on discounts on software tools like Stripe, Slack, Airtable, Hubspot, Notion, Canva, and more.


The Impact Hustlers community is exclusively focused on impact-driven startups, those who are solving the biggest environmental and social challenges in today's world.


"Impact Hustlers provides me with great connections (our HQ is in Berlin, meeting someone I've met in the community in Santa Cruz tomorrow), reach (the podcast), and great sessions with experts from dealmaking & the VC landscape. Maiko who initiated all that is a great person on top of all the benefits he brings to me as a founder. If you're early stage, care for the true impact this is the bunch of people you want to surround yourself with." -Joel Tasche

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