Intch is a free professional networking mobile app that connects founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners from all over the world.

The app is available both for iOS and Android, and it's completely free. Once you join, Intch will suggest five new, different people every day. You will see people that are looking for your expertise and need help from someone with your skills. Then, you can choose to help each person yourself or introduce them to someone who can help them.

Every time you help someone in one of those two ways, you earn social capital. This in-app currency allows you to solve your professional business tasks with the help of members of the community.

Indeed, Intch makes it easy to meet like-minded professionals worldwide and expand your professional network.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Yakov Filippenko

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Expand your professional network:
Intch suggests five new, different persons every day for you to connect with, according to your interests and skills. Indeed, the app makes it easy for you to network and meet new people.

Acquire social capital:
When you help others (whether it be helping with your expertise or introducing them to someone else) you gain social capital, which is useful in the app to solve your professional business tasks with the help of other members.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Intch has its own mobile app where members connect and interact. Intch's app is great to connect with like-minded founders, experts, professionals, and digital nomads worldwide. It will help you expand your professional network and get help with your business at the same time.


"Intch is like my Chief Networking Officer. It connects me with people based on my needs, makes warm introductions, and kindly reminds me about missed conversations." -Mike Huber

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