Invictus Capital is an investment platform with a built-in wallet, tokenized regulated crypto funds, and two online groups.

Invictus Capital has five investment funds: Bitcoin Alpha, Margin Lending, Crypto10 Hedged, Crypto20, and Hyperion VC. They also have their own reward token ($ICAP), a lending feature, and an incubation program. The platform allows you to invest with as little as $1. Also, their products contemplate short and long-term investors, with varying risk levels.

While creating an account in Invictus requires you to pass through an application process, you can join the community's online group with no requirements. Invictus has both a Telegram group and a Discord server.

The Discord server has over 15,900 investors from 150+ countries worldwide. By joining, you will be able to bounce off ideas with others and discuss blockchain and investment topics. You also have one channel for each investment product, so you will have assistance with your Invictus account if you need it.

Additionally, the community has other resources for investors. Besides reading their blog, you can subscribe to their weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with the blockchain world. Moreover, they also have a series of videos and podcast episodes for you to explore, as well as some very interesting investment reports.

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Connect with other investors:
The Invictus Capital Discord server has over 15,900 investors from 150+ countries worldwide. It's an awesome place to connect with other investors and bounce off ideas.

Get assistance with your Invictus investments:
The community's Discord server has a channel for each Invictus investment product. This allows you to get assistance with your Invictus account, whenever you need it.

Discuss blockchain and investment topics:
Invictus' online groups are great to find like-minded investors with whom to discuss different investment assets and the general blockchain industry.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of Invictus Capital connect and interact with others in the community's Discord server and Telegram group. Both online groups are an awesome place for investors to bounce off ideas with each other and get assistance for their Invictus accounts.

Inside the Discord server, you will find several channels to discuss different topics with other investors. You will be able to keep up to date with industry news, as well as news and new features from Invictus Capital. There are channels for each investment product from Invictus, so you can chat with others who also invest in those products. These are some other channels:

  • #general-chat.
  • #market-speculation.
  • #degen-zone (to discuss DeFi projects)
  • #developers
  • #random
  • #feature-suggestions

... and many more. Additionally, you can participate in the #meetups channel to organize in-person meetings with other Invictus investors. There are members from over 150 countries, so you surely will find your tribe of investors in a location near you.

Content Library

Besides the Invictus Capital blog, the community has other resources for investors. The Weekly Market Wrap is a weekly informative newsletter about blockchain and investment. Additionally, they offer a wide range of videos and podcast episodes, as well as some interesting investment reports.


"Invictus is a gem in the blockchain industry, full of integrity with a long-term view. This is professional, responsible investing without the hype and get-rich-quick mentality of the wider crypto industry. I've been in the cryptocurrency space since 2012 and finally found what seemed so desperately lacking in the space. My funds are in very safe hands." -Alan Booth

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