Ionic includes an online free forum for developers that are building cross-platform mobile apps using the Ionic Framework.

The forum has 11 admins and 7 moderators to guarantee the correct functioning of the community. There are, in total, 17 different categories to organize the discussion.

The main focus is on Ionic Framework. This category is for all posts related to modern Ionic Framework, including Ionic Angular, Ionic React, and Ionic Vue. This includes all versions of Ionic Framework, from 4.0 and up. There are other categories, such as Capacitor, Appflow, Stencil, and Portals. 

Other smaller sections are used to publish the community's announcements, specific versions of Ionic, tutorials, demo versions, jobs, translations, and the blog.

Overall, the Ionic forum is a great community for developers who are using the Ionic Framework. Inside, you will be able to connect with other developers, ask questions, receive advice, show off your work, and even find a new career opportunity.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Max Lynch and Ben Sperry

  • Amount of members: 74,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Expand your knowledge:
The Ionic forum is an opportunity to grow as a developer and explore new ways to build web and mobile apps. You will be able to participate in lively discussions with other developers, ask questions, and receive advice.

Access useful tools:
Ionic includes lots of tools and resources to make developers' lives easier. On their website, you will find webinars, ebooks, case studies, and other relevant tools to boost your career.

Connect with other developers:
Ionic has created a lively community around its Framework. Besides the online forum, you can also participate in a Discord server and in other events and meetups to interact with like-minded peers worldwide.



No requirements.



    • United States
    • Spain
    • India
    • Bolivia
    • Norway
    • Morocco
    • United Kingdom
    • Brazil
    • South Africa
    • Germany
    • Ukraine
    • Venezuela
    • Netherlands
    • Dominican Republic
    • Poland
    • Turkey
    • Switzerland
    • Croatia
    • Costa Rica
    • Austria
    • Slovakia
    • Mexico
    • Japan


Members of the Ionic community gather at different Meetup events in 23 different countries around the world. These events are mostly in-person and include a specific topic to discuss, as well as one or more experts who give a speech. You can join Ionic Framework groups in Meetup to find out when and where upcoming events near you will happen.

Learning Events

Ionic regularly organizes webinars and interviews with experts for the Ionic community. You can join these sessions live or watch the recordings afterward on the community's YouTube channel.

Networking Events

Members of the Ionic community commonly interact in Ionic's online forums. Inside, you will find several categories to discuss all things the Ionic Framework. Members use the forums to connect with like-minded developers worldwide, ask questions, receive advice, and share their knowledge with others. Alternatively, you can also join the community's Discord server to chat in real-time with other Ionic developers.

Content Library

The Ionic community has access to lots of resources. The Resource Center includes recordings of past webinars, articles, video tutorials, and case studies. You can also leverage resources shared by members on the online forums and the Discord server.


The Ionic Academy includes self-paced, step-by-step video courses to quickly learn Ionic and Angular. The subscription to the Academy costs $25 per month or $225 per year. It includes over 73 courses for different topics and skill levels, access to a private community, 12+ app templates, and bit-sized information on specific plugins, packages, and problems. Additionally, if you don't know what course to start first, you can follow the community's roadmap from beginner to expert.


"Within one month I was able to develop a full-scale hybrid app. Also, I feel much more confident that I will be able to build much more complex apps in the future." -Sumit Roy

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