Krita Artists is a free community where digital artists and developers using the Krita software discuss inside an online forum.

The community's forum has different categories to organize discussions:

  • Support and Advice
  • Artwork
  • Develop
  • Resources
  • Contest, Games & Collaboration
  • Jobs
  • Lounge
  • Site Feedback

Although the community is free, you can also opt for a membership to help fund Krita Artists. There are 7 memberships:

  • Bronze: $5,80/month
  • Silver: $11/month
  • Gold: $29/month
  • Platinum: $58/month
  • Titanium: $110/month
  • Diamond: $290/month
  • Corporate (different prices)

All the membership money goes directly to support developers and artists.

On the other hand, Krita Artists has a gallery with members' creations. You can interact by liking or leaving a comment. To communicate in real-time, members use the community's chat room and a Facebook group.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Amount of members: 17,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Showcase your work:
The forum opens different discussions on topics related to digital design and development. Members post their artwork and codes to receive feedback from other members.

Access incredible resources:
As a member, you can access tutorials, brush packs, bundles, and plugins. All of these are available in the resources section.

Interact with other artists:
The community has a chat and a Facebook private group where members can interact. Also, you can participate in contests, games, and collaborative projects.


No requirements.



Members participate in a Monthly Art Contest. For this purpose, they gather to share their progress and receive others' critiques. Each month has a different topic or challenge. Members can participate with a maximum of three entries in the forum. Then, through a poll, the artwork with the most number of votes will be the winner.

Networking Events

Members mainly interact through the community's forum. They share ideas about digital painting, artwork, and development. Also, there is a "Lounge" section destined for general off-topic discussions and daily life conversations. Apart from this, members challenge themselves through art games and duels. They also propose collaborative projects.

As a plus, the community has a private Facebook group. It's exclusive for artists using the Krita software.

Content Library

In the forum, there is a section called "Resources". It has three categories to classify all the materials. The first one corresponds to tutorials. These are mostly videos created by members from their YouTube channels. The second category is for brushes and bundles. You can find brushes packs, palettes, and other tools to create your own digital painting kit. The last one is for plugins. It's exclusive to share Krita plugins. Lastly, members can appreciate the art gallery on the community's website, which include artworks created by members.


All of the money collected by Krita Artists' memberships are used to fund digital artists and developers.

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