Luvlin Mental Health Community is a free community and Discord server where 1,000+ people worldwide gather to discuss all things mental health.

It's completely free to join the server and there are no requirements to enter. Once inside, you will be able to connect and interact with over 1,000 people from all over the world who are also struggling with mental health issues.

The server has several channels to discuss specific mental health conditions, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorders, and more. Additionally, it has channels for members to vent, freely discuss their problems, and get help and support from others.

On the other hand, you will also find entertainment channels to casually interact with others and share fun pictures and games. Moreover, the server has a dedicated channel for people looking for friends.

Overall, it's a great server to join if you are looking for a safe, inclusive, and supportive space where you are able to freely discuss mental health with others.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Amount of members: 1,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Connect with like-minded people:
By joining the Luvlin Mental Health Community's Discord server, you will be able to connect and interact with 1,000+ people from all over the world who are also struggling with their mental health.

Vent and get help:
The community's Discord server has several dedicated channels to vent, where you can freely talk about your problems and struggles. You can also vent anonymously or submit a ticket to get mental health support from the moderation team.

Discuss all things mental health:
Inside the Luvlin Mental Health Community, you can find diverse channels dedicated to specific mental health disorders. It's a safe, supportive space for you to discuss all things mental health and find positivity and inspiration.



No requirements.


Networking Events

You can use the community's Discord server to discuss all things mental health with diverse people from all over the world. The server has dedicated channels for specific mental health disorders, as well as different venting channels for you to get help and support on whatever you are going through. By joining the server, you will be able to improve your mental health while making new, supportive friends.

Content Library

The server includes channels like #alternatives (with 100 alternatives to self-harm), #tips, #hotlines, #affirmations, #reminders (of things that motivate you to stay alive and happy), and #positivity, among others. In all these channels, you are going to find mental health resources to make your life easier.

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