Marketing 4 Makers is an online community that helps indie hackers and entrepreneurs to learn and improve marketing and sales, the most difficult yet the most essential part of any business.

The community works on Circle, which provides more stability than a real-time chat such as Slack or Discord. Xavier Coiffard, M4M founder, has the goal to build a place to store posts, insights, and feedback from members for future reference.

M4M's members don't have a regular meetings schedule yet. The community works like a forum, where each member posts their challenges and ideas and receives feedback from the rest. It's a paid, small community with 17 members that cost $12 a month. It was launched only a few months ago and it's still growing. Since it's small, all members know each other and the founder gives special attention to everyone.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Xavier Coiffard

  • Amount of members: 35
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn from other makers
M4M is a community to learn marketing and sales, the most difficult part of growing a business, yet the most essential.

Keep yourself accountable
To share your ideas and challenges and to receive feedback from other members is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable. Your peers will help you to keep going and growing!

Access to private forums
On Twitter, ProductHunt, Reddit,  the knowledge base of the community among others, to discuss certain topics deeper.

Parity pricing
Price is adjusted by country purchasing power. Depending on your country, you can get from 70% OFF to 0% OFF on your monthly subscription.

Small, yet powerful community
Since M4M is in the beginning stages, the price is affordable and the members can help each other in an active and dedicated community. You can also receive special attention from the founder, who is talking one-on-one with new members.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

There are some public sections of the community. You can read them beforehand if you are considering joining, to determine if the community is a good fit for you.


No requirements.



Once you join the community, you will begin by introducing yourself and sharing what you are working on and what are your most pressing issues and struggles.

The founder, with the rest of the members as well, will give you tailored advice based on their own experience and background. The feedback you can obtain from other indie founders is priceless and will give you motivation while keeping you accountable.

Weekly, you will participate in a mastermind video call with the same purpose: sharing struggles and getting help from others. The live format of video calls allows the characteristic synchronicity of in-person verbal exchange, so valuable for getting answers you won't get through a simple Google search.

Networking Events

Members can interact 24/7 on the private Discord server. Here, conversations are classified by topic, so members can find easily what they want.

The Discord chat is employed to post updates, struggles, fails, and wins from different projects members are working on. But to receive, you must also remember to give!

Helping others will position yourself as an active member of the community, a member that contributes with their own experience on what they can. This will make it most likely other users want to help you as well.

Content Library

There is a Knowledge Base in the community (only accessible to members). Here is where every valuable piece of content is stored to refer back to easily in the future. There is also a private section called Marketing Strategies, where members discuss acquisition channels and what has worked well for them in their own projects.


"Have I told you lately this M4M is worth the $12 a month? Like, many times over." -Jesse Hercules

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