Make Your Mark Online is a 90-day content marketing challenge to get more leads and sales for your online business.

It was created to help members produce good  content that ranks on search engines. It costs $59 each month or $597 a year.

Once you join the challenge, you will participate in weekly accountability sessions. It means you need to register your weekly content on a spreadsheet. Members who achieve it get a green mark while members who cannot make it, get a red mark.

To reach your goal, the community gives you weekly templates that can save you time when creating content. Feedback will be provided as well. If you are among the first 10 to submit content each week, you will receive personalized and detailed comments.

Besides, you can connect within the community's training center. It includes a mini course and resources you can apply during the challenge. As a plus, you will join a Slack group that brings support and help throughout the process.

Make your Mark Online also offers other bonuses: a content planning session, premium SEO training, Canva templates, a workbook, and awards for top members.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders:

    Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Receive guidance:
The challenge's founders offer weekly feedback using a dedicated channel on the Slack group. Additionally, if you are among the first 10 members to submit the content you create, you get personalized comments.

Access resources:
The community provides members with weekly resources such as templates to save time. Additional resources include a workbook and SEO training.

Expand your knowledge:
This challenge helps members explore new strategies and techniques through its training center. It offers a mini course and extra resources to achieve members' objectives.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost


No requirements.


Networking Events

During the 90-day challenge, members interact through a Slack group. It offers a community that brings support and guidance. Inside, there is a special channel dedicated to give weekly feedback.

Overall, it's a great group to meet like-minded content creators worldwide, expand your network and boost your skills.

Content Library

The challenge offers constant updates in terms of content. This is to ensure members have the tools to continue improving their leads and sales. Additionally, there is a weekly update of templates. Some of these are Canva templates you can use for your blog. They are great resources as they will save you a lot of time when planning.

To keep track of your process, there is also a  spreadsheet with green or red marks according to your weekly achievements. Once you access the training center, you will get more resources.


Make your Mark Online offers a training center. It has a mini course and include many resources. The course focuses on creating content to achieve success in your online business. Likewise, you will be trained in SEO marketing.

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