Makerlog is a community for tech people building digital products. It was created by Sergio Mattei to help makers stay connected, accountable. and level up productivity.

He knows being a creator can be lonely. But he also knows that if you stay close to people working on similar projects, it's easier to find support and energy to sort any challenge.

Inside this app, you will find tools that will help you manage your tasks and build amazing stuff.

Makerlog has a lot of features to make sharing todos with others and celebrating triumphs fun and easy. For every consecutive day without losing any task, you'll gain a streak to stay motivated and record your progress.

You can join them for free and share your projects with a community willing to give meaningful feedback to work on your products with clarity and experts' guidance.

It's a place to participate in discussions and discover new products before anyone else.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Sergio Mattei

  • Amount of members: 7,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community for makers:
Stay connected with fellow creators and share your building process with a thriving community. Ask for feedback and get inspired by members' todos and progress.

Participate in discussions and share your everyday learnings with milestones. Join the Telegram group and Slack community to stay updated.

Productivity tools:
Makerlog is not like social media, full of spam and shallow content. Here you'll find the perfect place to share your triumphs and learnings without wasting your time. The community is all about productivity and smart engagement.

You can show what products you're working on, write milestones and participate in discussions. You can also create public task lists and check out what other members are doing. Track your progress with streaks, which is the count of consecutive days without losing any task to do.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Members meet in virtual events where they share their progress and build in public.

Networking Events

The community engages in a Telegram group and in Slack channels to stay motivated while developing new amazing products.


"Just discovered and completed my first task as a maker on @GetMakerlog! Really cool way to track the progress on my recently launched product @frontbots. Congrats @matteing for the awesome product!" -Ignasi Tuduri

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