Maker's Mark is a cohort-based, intensive online course on audience building. It lasts three weeks and costs $750.

The course is for people interested in building an online audience (using mainly Twitter) and a content distribution system on a specific platform (such as YouTube, a podcast, or a newsletter). The goal is to build a project in public and not post into the void, but rather have an audience of engaged people that can give feedback and insights to make the project successful.

During the three weeks of the program, you will need a time commitment of 5-7 hours per week. If you want to build your projects while you learn, putting into practice all the knowledge you receive, you will need to add about 5 more hours to that time commitment.

When you join the course, you will be assigned to an accountability group. These small groups of 5-6 people are designed to get and give feedback and to keep you accountable. It's a perfect networking opportunity, and also an opportunity to make friends and meet like-minded individuals.

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday. These workshops' purpose is to cover all topics of the curriculum. They will be live Zoom events. You don't need to attend every class in real-time (although they strongly recommend you to) because every workshop is recorded and added to the community for you to replay whenever you want.

Additionally, every Friday there will be Q&A sessions and interviews with experts. Your membership gives you lifelong access to Maker's Mark vault. This huge content library of async videos will help you perform any audience-building tasks with tutorials, frameworks, and processes.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Aadit Sheth & Brandon Zhang.

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn from a cohort-based, intensive online course:
Maker's Mark online course is only three weeks long but very intensive. The time commitment is 10 hours per week on average if you want to build your project while you learn. It has given members awesome results.

Interact and build a network of like-minded peers:
Accountability groups are small groups of 5-6 people that serve as a space to get and give feedback on individual projects. You can also interact with other students, expanding even more your professional and personal network.

Get lifelong access to the community:
By participating in the course, you will get lifelong access to the community and the huge video vault that comes with it. You will also get access to all future content.

  • One Time Cost


No requirements.



Maker's Mark is a cohort-based online course. It's intensive and lasts only 3 weeks, with a time commitment of 5-7 hours on classes and accountability groups. It may take an additional 5 hours per week if you want to put everything into practice while you learn it.

Every week on Monday and Wednesday, you will have your classes. These live sessions' purpose is to go through specific topics in the course curriculum. Additionally, on Friday there is a Q&A session and live interviews with experts.

You don't need to participate in all real-time classes, you will have the recordings available to replay. But it's strongly recommended that you attend live, to make the best out of the course.

Learning Events

As a Maker's Mark student, you will have workshop classes every Monday and Wednesday. The curriculum includes classes on why we create, audience building, online networking, result-driven writing, building a system that delivers consistent content, and how to make it sustainable.

Additionally, every Friday you will enjoy Q&A sessions, featuring different frameworks that expert content creators utilize (past interviews include people like Amanda Natividad, Steph Smith, Arvid Kahl, etc.)

Networking Events

By being a student of Maker's Mark cohort-based course, you will have lifelong access to the community. This is the perfect place to connect, network, and get the accountability benefits.

Besides regular coworking sessions, the community includes accountability groups. These are small groups of 5-6 people. Participants of each group get to interact on a deeper level and to know each other very well. The groups communicate daily, and they serve as a space to share experiences and get feedback.

Content Library

Your Maker's Mark membership gives you lifelong access to the vault, an async video library of niche content. These videos include step-by-step tutorials on how to do anything related to audience building, saving you time and energy. Additionally, after every weekly live workshop, you will be able to obtain the class recording.


Maker's Mark is a cohort-based online course with an added twist of community and accountability. You will be covering the curriculum's content in only three weeks, making for an intensive program. Workshops are bi-weekly, and these are the 6 topics that will be covered:

  1. Shift into a creator's mindset.
  2. How to build an engaged audience.
  3. Playing the long-term game of networking.
  4. Storytelling that gets people to convert.
  5. How to get consistent on social media.
  6. Building sustainable content creation systems.



Building an audience is an incredibly powerful tool to supercharge your network, learn to write persuasively, and see new trends before others. Aadit and Brandon are two rising stars on Twitter and well suited to teach you the basics of audience building and content creation.” —Chris Hladczuk

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