MegaMaker is an online community founded in 2013 by Justin Jackson to help people launch their web projects. The community helps bootstrappers, developers, and designers who want to built and launch their web projects.

It's a paid community that charges you a one-time cost ($299) to get lifetime access to its private forums, a Slack chat, and member-only resources to help you earn more money with your projects.

There are no requirements to join, and no matter if you want to build a full-scale business or only to start a little side project, you can find a group of peers on MegaMaker to stop thinking and start doing!

The group doesn't have scheduled, structured meetings but members share their progress weekly and everyone helps each other out to launch their projects. You can't build and launch any project on isolation, and that's why MegaMaker was born. Nowadays, it has 400+ members from all over the world.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders:

    Justin Jackson

  • Amount of members: 400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Stop thinking, start doing
MegaMaker is a community where designers, developers, bootstrappers, and people who make things on the web can join to share their ideas and receive feedback to help them grow their projects.

Get help to earn more money with your projects
The community is specifically designed to help people make more money from their creations, getting support and advice to overcome roadblocks and shorten learning curves.

It doesn't matter the scope of your project
Whether you want to build a full business or start a side project, this community is for anyone that wants to build and launch projects online.

  • One Time Cost

Included in Free Version

You can listen to MegaMaker's podcast or read the founder's articles to learn more about the community and its members.



No requirements.


Networking Events

As a MegaMaker member, you will have access to private forums to post questions, get answers, and also help other people based on your experience. Forums serve to interact with other members, to self-promote (in dedicated sections), and to know the makers and behind-the-scenes of some projects.

Additionally, there is a Slack group that serves mainly to socialize. Here, people vent their problems, celebrate their wins, and form deeper bonds by sharing hobbies and personal interests.

Besides expanding your professional network as a member of MegaMaker, you will have the chance to develop strong friendships as well!

Content Library

Members have access to a well-stocked, private library of valuable resources for makers. Resources include mainly videos and downloads, but there are other types of multimedia and text resources as well.


"Having people you can ask questions to is extremely valuable. The club was literally the birthplace for my service, Workshop. They helped me start it a year ago and continue to help me improve it today." -Robert Williams

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