Metafy is an online gaming community created to connect players and coaches in virtual sessions. As a member, you can chat in Discord in real-time, and receive advice from top players around the world.

With more than 120 games to choose from, you can pick the most exciting ones and book a coaching session. As a player, you can also see what coaches your rivals are choosing, and use it as a strategy.

Besides the virtual coaching sessions, members also stay in touch on a Discord server. There are several channels to find mates to play with, and other channels to share news and ask for feedback.
The mission of this gaming community is to facilitate resources to improve your game, making the connections with experienced players simple.

You can join the Discord community for free to impact your gaming performance and be part of a vibrant community. As an experienced player, you can also coach other members to assist them with those games you have already mastered.

Although the community is free to join, to access private coaching sessions you need to pay a fee. Pricing can vary according to the experience of the coaching you choose, and usually starts at $5 per session.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Josh Fabian

  • Amount of members: 3,994
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


One-on-one coaching sessions:
With Metafy, you can book a personal coaching session to be guided by top worldwide players. All you need to do is choose a game in a repository of 120+ options, select your favorite coach, and book a live session.

Be strategic:
As they allow you to see what coaches your rivals are booking sessions with, there would be plenty of opportunities to defeat your competitors and improve your gaming skills.

Stay connected while you play:
If you like to play in teams and stay updated with the latest games news, you need to check the Discord server hosted by this gaming community. Inside Discord, you'll find several channels to ask for feedback, meet in gaming sessions, or simply just chat.

Became a coach:
If you had some experience in playing some of the games available on the platform, you can apply to become a coach. It's an opportunity to help others and explore your passions at the same time.



No requirements.



On the Metafy platform, you can choose a game and book a private one-on-one gaming coaching session. Coaches will help you during your game so you can improve your tactics on the go. There are 950+ worldwide coaches to choose from, and you can become a coach by yourself if you have experience.

Learning Events

Members organize AMAs and Q&A sessions to learn the best strategies from top players from all over the world. These events are shared inside the Discord server, so you need to be part of the online gaming community to stay updated with upcoming dates.

Networking Events

The Metafy gaming community hosts a Discord server, where members play along and share their tactics. There are channels to discuss random topics, but there are also some spaces to ask for feedback and support. If you want to stay updated with the latest and trending gaming news, you surely can't miss the dedicated channel they host for sharing.

Besides, there are channels to share your work as a developer and ask for help when you're feeling stuck.

But maybe the most exciting channel is the #game-together one. Inside this space, you can join other community players in live gaming sessions. It's a great opportunity to meet other gamers and make new friends.

Content Library

Inside the Discord gaming community, you can find a #replay-review channel, which works as a sort of library of members' past plays.


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