Minecraft Forum is a free community directed to all Minecraft players who want to improve their skills and connect with more players. The community offers the possibility to discuss game updates and suggest new ideas for the game. There are six rules about the things you can do in the community and seven about the things you cannot do. More specific rules are applied in different sections of the community. For example, in the discussion, map, and mod sections. It is important to know and follow the rules because you can be banned from the community for 3 to 30 days (or even permanently) if you break any rule.

One of the most appreciated sections of the community is Resource Packs as it is a space in which you will find different game packs such as Bedroom packs or Texture packs. You can also solve your doubts about making or using packs in the Resource Pack Help section.

On top of all, you will access "How to" posts designed to help you follow a step by step and achieve your goal. For instance, "How to fix lox FPS and frame rate in Minecraft?".

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Amount of members: 21,926
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Minecraft forum benefits

  • Access "how to" posts:
    Read different step-by-step posts and find the solution for that problem you did not know how to deal with.
  • Find useful resources to improve your skills:
    Learn how to create textures or improve your skills in the design of different facilities.
  • Interact and share your ideas:
    If you always wanted to suggest some changes to the game, this is your opportunity. Discuss your ideas with players around the world!
  • Access first-hand information about the game:
    Do not lose any updates. Go to the News section and be up to date with the last changes.
  • Access a free Minecraft Server:
    Enjoy a free Minecraft server with all the functionality of a paid server.



No requirements


Networking Events

The community members keep in touch through the different open forums on their website such as Minecraft: Java Edition, Mapping and Modding: Java Edition, Servers, Java Edition, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Show your creation, Off-topic. This last one is open to discussing any topic you might like or simply meeting new people.

Moreover, the community has a Discord chat with 20.000 members. This chat is used to socialize and meet new people. They have their own rules for this chat; some of them are related to being nice and polite. No advertising or spam is allowed as well as no cracked software.

Content Library

The community has a section called Resource Packs where you will find multiple resources that you can apply while playing. For example, 3D models, textures, realistic packs, etc.

Additionally, in the Minecraft Station, there are several "how to" posts to learn different useful procedures in Minecraft.


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    Creo que las mejores versiones de Minecraft modilimitado las he actualizado y el canal de Telegram sobre Minecraft es un lugar perfecto para discutir.

  • Andrew
    October 1, 2023 at 10:44 pm

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