Ministry of Testing is a place to co-create and test software in community. It's an online forum where you can learn, participate in exciting events, and connect.

You can sign up for free to start learning with exclusive resources and peer support. Inside the portal, you will find discussions categorized by topics, and sections to stay updated with upcoming events and meetups.

Moreover, the Ministry of Testing community hosts monthly challenges and also has a community running on Slack to connect professionals 24/7.

Besides, the community has spaces to ask your questions, share your knowledge, and test software together. In addition, the club has a curated library of resources to aid your testing, and groups to join with members working on similar projects.

Although forum and Slack access are free, there's also a pro membership for those looking to move forward in software testing. Pro membership costs £24.99 monthly or £249.99 yearly and includes access to premium workshops, online courses, conferences, and more.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    Rosie Sherry

  • Amount of members: 40,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a free community of software testers:
Sign up to be part of a large community of software testers from all over the world. They created a place to share your work and learn in the community.

The forum is a great place to ask your specific questions and search for new trending software.

Beyond the online forum, there's also a community hosted on Slack, where members connect in daily discussions.

Attend events and meetups:
Inside the platform, you will find invitations to virtual meetups and events around the world. Any member can organize a meetup regardless of their location.

Learn with curated resources:
With free courses and exclusive workshops for paid members, the community offers a space to learn and uplevel your software testing skills. You can also participate in expert talks to leverage the knowledge of industry experts.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

Access the forum, Slack, and online courses and resources for free.



No requirements to join the online forum. To be included in the Slack community, you first need to fill a form including your personal information.



Members organize meetups and events inside the forum. As a member, you can start a meetup in your current location and share the live transmission with the worldwide community.

During these meetings, members discuss a wide range of topics related to software testing. From industry roles to automation, the community explores topics of interest guided by experts in the field.

Learning Events

In the TestBash channel, you will find members hosting events to discuss the tools they are using and share their learnings with the community. There are live events, but also active weekly conversations to learn from experienced software testing.

This channel is a great place to learn from your peers' favorite tools and approaches. Besides, pro members access exclusive workshops to keep learning with industry experts.

Networking Events

The Ministry of Testing community runs in a self-hosted forum and also on Slack. Inside the forum, members participate in industry discussions to discover new tools, meet colleagues and learn from experienced software testers.

There are spaces to ask your questions, meet new people and learn from each other. Besides, you can also share your knowledge to help others and gain visibility in the industry.

But also, you can leverage these networking opportunities to meet software testers in your city, and participate in local virtual meetups. There's an introduction channel where you can connect with people near you to expand your network.

Content Library

Access the archives section to find past events and discussions. In this space, you will also find previous challenges such as the 30 Days of Agile Testing or the 30 Days of API Testing.

Besides, inside the TestBash talks space, you will find past talks with industry experts.


Pro members gain access to exclusive courses led by industry experts. These courses are great to test your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

But also, they offer free courses to anyone registered with the free membership. Such courses will introduce you to testing tools and technical testing and explore diverse difficulty levels.


"What an incredible #TestBash it has been. Thank you so much for the opportunity @landg_group @Punkmik & @ministryoftest. I have had such a great experience & learnt so much. Everyone I have met was amazing." -Marissa

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