Modern Mastery HQ is an online paid community focused on supporting and coaching marketers and people interested in social media. The community helps people develop skills and apply tools to improve their content. The idea is to boost your career and find new, well-paid opportunities.

The community has a Discord server to interact with other marketers. It's an opportunity to leverage others' experiences and learn new strategies. You will also receive monthly training sessions and get access to relevant content and resources. All of this with the purpose of avoiding mistakes and going straight to success. Additionally, the community offers step-by-step courses for you to learn new strategies and adapt them to your business.

There are three membership tiers: apprentice tier, master tier, and actualized tier. They cost $9 a month, $27 a month, and $297 a year, respectively. They include different levels of access to live training, courses, and the library with resources.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Dan Koe

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Skip trial & error:
The community brings the tools and guidance needed to go straight to running a successful business. You will not need to test any strategies, and instead, you will be able to leverage others' experiences and mistakes.

Expand your knowledge:
Live training, masterminds, and step-by-step courses are available for you to get deeper into the marketing world. You will learn about the latest and best strategies to run a thriving business.

Find support:
All members of the community support each other. This is a place to ask questions and work together to solve them. Additionally, the founder it's always available for members when they need specific help.

  • Monthly Cost


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community hosts different learning events. Some of them include live training sessions to address a particular topic from a practical perspective. There are also masterminds and courses to train yourself. The idea of the courses is to provide you with a roadmap you can follow to boost your business.

Networking Events

The community interacts through a Discord server. The idea of this community is to produce 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and new business owners who will constantly support and give each other feedback. Overall, Modern Mastery HQ opens a possibility to expand your network and learn from peers.

Content Library

The community has a 6-figure strategy library. This contains lots of resources, such as articles and video training you can apply in your business. The best about this library is that it is constantly updated. You will find weekly updates as the idea is to keep it accordingly to the most recent news and trends in the marketing field.


Modern Mastery HQ offers several online courses to guide you through the process of running a business and finding success. The main objective is to give you step-by-step strategies already tested that help you improve your business.


"When I first joined MMHQ, I had no awareness of what I was capable of. MMHQ gave me that awareness and helped me find my life's goal. Things are much easier thanks to them. Everyone in the community is helping each other, and there's no way I could find all this help & information without MMHQ." -Serhat Sozen

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