New Masters Academy is a free community and a paid subscription service for artists to practice their craft and improve their skills.

The subscription includes 2,500+ hours of structured course curricula. You can stream this content directly from your laptop or smartphone and learn at your own pace. Additionally, the subscription gives you access to interactive live classes, video lessons, and all courses (which span diverse art fields).

Moreover, New Masters Academy's subscription also includes a library of 50,000+ reference images, 100+ 3D reference models, and even private and group coaching opportunities.

on the other hand, this community has a Discord server, which is completely free to access. Furthermore, they also have online forums. Both places are great for students to connect and interact with thousands of like-minded artists worldwide.

Members use these groups to expand their networks, discuss all things art, and ask questions whenever they get stuck. The Discord server is also a place where members participate in events and showcase their work.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Joshua Jacobo

  • Amount of members: 14,500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Become a better artist:
A subscription to New Masters Academy gives you access to 2,500+ hours of content you can stream directly from your laptop or smartphone, featuring high-quality video lessons on diverse art fields.

Practice your craft:
New Masters Academy has an events schedule for every day of the week. By joining these events, you will be able to constantly practice your craft and improve your skills over time.

Connect with other artists:
New Masters Academy has a Discord server that gathers over 14,500 artists from all over the world. You can also connect and interact with others in the community's online forums.


No requirements.



The New Masters Academy has a weekly schedule of events, all of which are hosted on the community's Discord server:

  • Monday: Master Monday - Every week a master study is provided (you can also bring your own) to chat with the community and study the greats.
  • Tuesdays: Imagination - Practice drawing from imagination.
  • Wednesdays: Drawing from Life - To grab some objects from around your house or go out and sketch. The community later refine the pieces in Discord.
  • Thursdays: Bring your Project - If you have a big project you're working on, such as a series of paintings or a comic, you can bring your project to show the group and work on together.
  • Fridays: Gesture drawing - Every Friday a gesture drawing session is streamed on the #events voice channel.
  • Saturdays: Sketchbooking
  • Sundays: Group Coaching Socials

Learning Events

Besides offering personalized coaching (whether it be private sessions or group sessions) NMA also organizes live classes every week.

Networking Events

You can connect and interact with other NMA students both in the community's Discord server and online forums. These places are great opportunities to chat in real time with like-minded artists from all over the world or to ask questions about specific art topics.

Content Library

NMA's content library includes video lessons, reference images, and 3D models.


This community offers several online, self-paced courses on topics like drawing, painting, art theory, entertainment arts, modeling, sculpture, digital art, and more.


"I can't express in words how glad I am that such a resource exists. I don't have the time or resources to attend a full-time art education but NMA allows me to study at my own pace and what interests me. There is a huge database of courses and support material. No matter what art field you are interested in you will find material for it here. If you are like me, interested in art but can't attend school, because of a job or whatever, this is the best resource." -Petr Vorel


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