NocodeHackers is a community for Spanish-speaking people interested in building and launching their website projects using only no-code tools.

The community has a free Discord group. Inside, you can interact and connect with other makers just like you. You have channels to get and give feedback, and to ask for help. The "build-in-public" channel allows you to share your progress and keep yourself accountable.

Additionally, there are channels to share events and industry news. The "off-topic" channel is an ideal place to share hobbies, memes, and personal interests. Besides the online group (a great place to keep you up-to-date with the no-code world and to meet like-minded people) you have other interesting sections on the community website.

For example, they have a huge directory of no-code tools. You can filter these tools by category and read a description of each one of them. This will help you to find the ideal tool for your projects without spending hours on research.

Additionally, the "portfolio" section is where members share their projects. You can see what the project is, who made it, how much it took them, and the tools they have used. This will help you not only to connect with other makers but also to discover the creative possibilities no-code tools can produce.

On the other hand, NocodeHackers has several courses, both for beginners and advanced users. Some courses are free while others are paid, and some last less than an hour while others last up to 8 hours. These courses will teach you, from start to finish, to use important no-code tools and to establish automation processes. All courses are text and video-based and contain detailed, step-by-step instructions with practical exercises to help you in your learning process.

You can make the courses at your own pace. If you buy one, you will have lifetime access to it. There is another learning opportunity in the community. It's called "Product Marketing Camp". This is an intensive, eight-week Bootcamp that teaches you how to build a converting website from scratch, using only no-code tools.

It costs €500 and 2021's edition began in September. However, it's going to be a recurring program, so you can join in the future. It has limited spots and only selected people will be able to join the program.

Lastly, you can enjoy the community's newsletter, podcast, and blog, to always be up-to-date inside the no-code world.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Alejandro Bernardo Díaz

  • Amount of members: 300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Learn from other makers:
Get to know like-minded people to share experiences with and even maybe collaborate in the future. You can learn from each other experiences and discover new ways to execute ideas while keeping yourself accountable by building in public.

Get and give relevant feedback:
You can ask about tools and issues you are having with your project to avoid unnecessary blocks and to quickly progress. Additionally, sharing your knowledge will help other people with their problems and individual challenges.

Keep yourself up-to-date with no-code news:
The community is an ideal place to keep yourself up-to-date with industry news, tools releases, and tools updates.



No requirements.


Learning Events

NocodeHackers has a Bootcamp called "Product Marketing Camp". This intensive training teaches you, in eight weeks, how to build a converting website from scratch using only no-code tools. You will learn everything from the idea outline and website design, to data capture and automation.

It's a completely remote training opportunity, that costs €500. 2021's edition began in September, and it only accepted 10 students. However, you will be able to apply in the future, as it is going to be a recurring program.

Students must apply to join, and they will be interviewed to assess if they are a good fit for the program. The time commitment is 9-10 hours per week. Members participate in weekly 3-hour classes to learn theory and apply it to real projects. They also have weekly Q&A sessions and interviews with experts. 

Networking Events

Community members interact on a Discord online group. It's the ideal space to connect with like-minded people and founders that are also trying to build their businesses using only no-code tools.

There are several channels dedicated to network and making friends. Your first stop will most likely be the "introductions" channel, where you can introduce yourself and get to know other members through their presentations. Additionally, there is a "general" channel, to discuss topics related to no-coding.

Furthermore, you can share hobbies, personal interests, or whatever you like in the "off-topic" channel. Lastly, the "news" channel is perfect to learn about and participate in events members are sharing, getting even more involved in the no-code community.

Content Library

The NocodeHackers website has a huge directory of no-code tools. You can filter them by category, and read about each one in detail. This allows you to quickly find a suitable tool for your project, without spending hours on research.

Additionally, you can discover other makers' projects in the portfolio section. You can even add your own projects, detailing which tools you used and how much did it take you. This is perfect to get to know makers in your same niche or industry, and to understand the creative possibilities of no-coding!


NocodeHackers has several courses, both free and paid. There are some courses for beginners and others for advanced users. Some courses last less than an hour, while others last over 8 hours.

The community has courses on a lot of no-code and automation tools, for example, Webflow, Zapier, Integromat, Quipu, Coda, Airtable, Glide, etc.

All courses are text-based, with accompanying videos. You will have step-by-step, detailed instructions that will help you learn every tool and practical exercises to put into practice what you have just learned. Once you buy a course, you will have lifetime access to it.


"The newsletter you have to read - every Thursday I read it to learn about no-code news. I always find tools, courses, news, and articles that are absolutely worth it. Highly recommended." -Tomás Alonso

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