Nudista Investor is a paid community for people interested in learning how to make money online, master personal finances, and invest.

The community's philosophy is to educate people in finance just as they educate in other daily aspects of life. You can join for €10 a month. However, you need to check the website to find out when the community opens applications.

This membership includes information about personal finance, investing, and online businesses. Each week, you will receive emails with articles, ebooks, and research to help you make better financial decisions.

You can also participate in weekly meetings with experts and learn from their experiences. There are also courses and useful tools to practice what you learn.

Lastly, the community includes access to online forums where you will find like-minded people who also want to learn how to manage their finances and make money online.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Receive key tips:
Weekly emails have the purpose of providing members with tips and strategies to make money online and manage their personal finances. These are delivered through articles, ebooks, and research.

Participate in weekly events:
The community has weekly meetings with industry experts and other special guests. They will help you solve your doubts and find a way to make money online based on their experiences.

Find useful tools:
The community provides tools you can use to balance theory and practice. You can find "how-to" guides and tutorials to make more informed decisions, and explore the community's online courses to dive deeper into finances.


To join, you need to submit an application or enter the waitlist if applications are closed.



Members of Nudista Investor join weekly meetings with industry experts and other special guests. These are held each Monday at 6 PM. They will help you solve your doubts and provide advice to make money online, invest, and manage your personal finances.

Learning Events

The community offers masterclasses for members on topics such as financial independence, investing strategies, taxes, and more.

Networking Events

Members interact through a forum. They find like-minded people with similar perspectives about business. In general, it's a space open to discuss finance, investing, digital business, and off-topic issues to casually interact with each other.

Content Library

The content provided by the community is distributed in two formats. The first one is via weekly emails where you will receive articles, ebooks, and research with tips and suggestions to make money online.

The second option is a set of useful tools for entrepreneurs and investors you can access to practice what you have learned. These tools include "how-to" readings, guides, and tutorials to have a more practical approach. Lastly, there are also audio summaries on top books in the finance field.


By joining Nudista Investor, you will be able to participate in courses on topics like digital assets creation, Bitcoin, financial education for children, real estate investing, and more.

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