Reforge is a community for executives from fast-growing tech companies. With 7500+ members from all over the world, the community will help you thrive and grow in your career.

The membership costs $1995 per year and gives you access to all Reforge's educational content, as well as a platform to interact and network with other members. To join, you must be an executive with a digital product role, such as marketing, product management, engineering, analytics, etc. Additionally, your company must have a digital business model and be in the tech industry. Early-stage startups are not a good fit.

Currently, there are 14 Reforge programs, that cover topics on marketing, engineering, product, growth, among other similar fields. As a member, you have access to 2 live programs per year. Each program is part-time and intensive, with an average of 4-6 weeks duration.

During the program, you will be meeting weekly by video call to cover the program's content. The cohorts are execution-based, meaning they lean on concrete actions, rather than theory. A key part of this are the live case studies that allow you to learn, with peers, about processes that have worked for some of the top fast-growing tech companies worldwide.

Although you get access to 2 live programs per year, you can access all content from all programs on Reforge's platform. There are weekly updates and releases of new content. Additionally, you can participate in weekly deep-dives on certain topics, led by experts in the tech industry. These sessions have also a coaching component, helping members of the community navigate specific challenges they are facing in their careers.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Founders:

    Brian Balfour

  • Amount of members: 7,500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


One membership, complete access:
Reforge's membership gives you access to all content from all programs, ensuring you find what you need at the moment you need it. Additionally, you can participate in weekly deep-dive and coaching sessions on certain topics, as well as find support in the Reforge community.

Cohort-based, expert-led, intensive programs:
Reforge have 14 complete programs, built and led by experts in the industry. These intensive, part-time programs have a 4-6 week duration. With your membership, you can access 2 live programs per year, as well as all the content from the rest of the programs.

Network and find your next career opportunity:
Inside the Reforge community, you will be able to network with leaders from top companies such as Uber, Facebook, Salesforce, Dropbox, among others. You can also browse for your next role on Reforge's job board.

  • Yearly Cost


To join, you must fill out a form that will get reviewed by Reforge's team. It's preferable that you include a manager or Reforge's member recommendation, but not mandatory. Your application will be accepted in 1-2 weeks if you match the following criteria:

  • Relevant role: you must work in digital-product-related roles, such as product management, marketing, engineering, design, analytics, strategic finance, among others.
  • Relevant company: early-stage startups and non-digital business models are not a good fit for Reforge. They prioritize applicants in digital, growing tech companies.


Learning Events

As a member of Reforge, you will be able to attend weekly, deep-dive sessions with Reforge partners. These sessions are crafted to discuss critical topics, helping you to leverage the experience of experts and thought leaders in the tech industry, to advance in your own career.

Additionally, you can expect personalized coaching on each of these sessions. The coaching sessions in the event are designed to help community members to navigate difficult challenges they are facing right now in their careers.

Networking Events

You can network and interact with other members in the Reforge platform. Inside, you will find an ideal space to ask questions and get tailored advice. The ongoing support makes for a tight-knit community of highly involved people.

Additionally, you can find leaders from big companies such as Uber, Zoom, Dropbox, Facebook, HubSpot, among others. This will help you to expand your professional network while connecting deeply with like-minded people.

Content Library

Your Reforge membership includes access to all content from all programs. This allows you to find the content you need, at the moment you need it.

You can also access step-by-step projects, that guide you from learning to execution. Instead of only consuming theory, these projects are designed to help you learn by doing.

Additionally, there are weekly updates and releases of content such as new projects, case studies, and examples in marketing, growth, and product management.


Reforge has 14 cohort-based programs (and counting!). These part-time, virtual programs are an intensive 4-6 week opportunity to learn led by Reforge partners. Inside the programs, you will understand what really matters in a specific field, how to solve common challenges, and what are the tools available for solving them.

As a member, you can participate in 2 live programs per year. You will meet weekly with your group to cover the program's content, in classes focused on application and execution rather than theory. For example, a key part of this is learning with peers through live case studies from the fastest-growing tech companies worldwide. All programs are built and led by top executives from big companies, who bring decades of expertise to the table.

Though you can participate in 2 live programs, you can also access all content from all programs in Reforge's members-only platform. If you missed any class, you can also watch the replay on the platform.

Programs' topics range from marketing and engineering to product, cross-functional growth, and more.


"The materials and interviews are uniformly excellent. They are filled with relevant, practical, and actionable guidance. I’ve found myself referring to them again and again. You just can’t get this depth and quality of training anywhere else.” -Frank Fink


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