Sandbox is a global community that gathers 1300+ young leaders and innovators to think and talk about 21 century's most pressing challenges.

The community is free to join and run on a voluntary basis. Being a non-profit community, event organizers run events at cost, and representatives keep financial transparency by sharing the annual budget with all community members.

Sandbox has 34 hubs around the world. These hubs are small concentrations of community members in different cities. To join, you must fill out an application form of the closest hub. If you are a nomad, the "Elsewhere" hub is for people that belong to nowhere and anywhere. All members must be less than 30 years old to join. Applicants are accepted by evaluating their accomplishments, potential, value alignment with the community, and life philosophy.

The community has a defined organizational structure. Besides individual members, there are Ambassadors (representatives of each local hub) that have the responsibility of organizing annual local retreats. Additionally, the Governance Council is composed of 6 members, elected by the community every two years. The Governance Council organizes annual Global Summits, events where all community members gather in a specific location.

Both in-person events serve as an opportunity for members to gather and connect with each other and are excellent networking opportunities. Due to the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021 these events were virtual. Community members also interact daily on the Facebook online group, where they share their experiences, challenges, and wins. Occasionally, Sandbox host webinars to talk about social impacting topics (the last webinar was about mental health in marginalized communities).

The highest authority on Sandbox is the Board. They have the responsibility of holding regularly scheduled meetings to conduct business. All of those meetings are available for any individual member to join. They also record all meetings for future reference of any member, advocating for full transparency. Additionally, the Board develops partnerships with other organizations to obtain benefits for members of Sandbox, among other responsibilities.



A global community of young leaders:
Sandbox is a community that gathers young innovators and pioneers that share the same values and life philosophy. They are 1300+ people that want to create a positive change in the world.

Share diverse perspectives and grow:
The diversity of experiences shared in the community will help you grow and evolve as a person. Different perspectives broaden your mind and make you more creative when thinking of solutions to challenges you may be trying to solve to make the world a better place.

Network and connect on global events and the online group:
Sandbox organizes local hub retreats and Global Summits, both opportunities to connect and get to know other members. You can also interact with them daily in the Facebook online group.


Since the community gathers young pioneers, innovators, and leaders, you must be under 30 years old at the time you apply to join the community. You can apply to join your closest Sandbox hub (there are 34 hubs around the world). Members are selected based on their achievements, character, values, and potential.



    • Netherlands
    • Greece
    • India
    • Germany
    • Colombia
    • United States
    • Belgium
    • Argentina
    • South Africa
    • Denmark
    • United Arab Emirates
    • France
    • Portugal
    • United Kingdom
    • Spain
    • Mexico
    • Kenya
    • Brazil
    • Singapore
    • Sweden
    • Israel
    • Canada
    • Switzerland


The community regularly organizes local events, retreats, and global summits in order to generate serendipitous encounters where diversity of members encourages the exchange of valuable and change-inducing ideas.

Ambassadors (representatives of each one of the 34 Sandbox hubs around the world) are responsible to organize one local hub retreat per year. On the other hand, the Governance Council (6 members that are elected to a two-year term) is responsible to organize an annual Global Summit, where community members from all over the world can get together and meet each other.

Lastly, representatives of the Governance Council and the Board hold regularly scheduled meetings to conduct business. Any individual member can join these meetings, maintaining the community's transparency. Additionally, all meetings are recorded properly for the future reference of every member.

Learning Events

Besides their local, in-person events, Sandbox also organizes virtual events, which mainly consist of webinars. Members of the community usually gather at these events around a certain topic (the last event was about mental health in marginalized communities). The diversity of experiences shared at these types of events by members of Sandbox makes them a great learning experience.

Networking Events

Members interact in a Facebook online group where they can connect with each other and share their journeys, challenges, and wins. They also network in local hubs and Global Summits, annual, in-person events. These events were virtual in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic.

Content Library

Sandbox has a member database. This database contains information about every member, like where they are from, what they do, and their social media profiles. This makes it easy to connect individually with a member to ask for help on certain topics or collaborate in any other way.

Benefits with other companies

The Governance Council has the responsibility to develop partnerships with other organizations to obtain benefits for community members. These perks and benefits are only visible for Sandbox members and are not publicly disclosed.


By being a free community and a non-profit that gathers young talents around the world, Sandbox serves as a space that promotes positive social change. Members have the opportunity to present proposals of change to the Board, by gathering 50 expressions of support from other members. These proposals must define a problem area and possible solutions.

This makes the community a powerful engine for change, where leaders get together to think and talk about 21 century's greatest challenges. 


"@sandboxers’ community is built on a core set of values: trust, empowerment, empathy, openness, and a strong desire to break cultural barriers and center shared human experiences." -Standford eCorner

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