Scrimba is a free community that offers a self-paced learning experience to learn frontend development and get your first job as a developer.

You can join the community for free to learn basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. The free plan will give you access to intro courses and partial access to the Discord server. The community's Discord server is a friendly space where you can ask for help, share your code, get career advice, and meet like-minded people.

On the other hand, with the Pro plan, you will learn all you need to become a hireable web developer. Indeed, it includes The Frontend Developer Career Path. This career path has 77 hours of top-notch tutorials, hundreds of coding challenges, and dozens of real-world projects. Additionally, you will get full access to Scrimba's Discord and certificates once you complete the courses.

The last Scrimba plan includes The Scrimba Bootcamp. Besides all the benefits of the Pro plan, the bootcamp also includes code reviews, weekly teacher-led group sessions, and a dedicated study group. Members of the bootcamp will get help on finding a job once they finish the program.

Both the career path and the bootcamp are paid plans. However, the price will depend on your country. You can also ask for a scholarship if you qualify for it.

On the other hand, the Scrimba community hosts live events every week. These include themed coding competitions, interviews with experts, live-coding streams, and more. Lastly, by entering the Discord server you will be able to participate in power hours 4x times a day (distraction-free, highly focused hours to work on the task at hand).

Overall, Scrimba is a great community to meet like-minded peers worldwide and learn frontend development. You will also get insightful career advice to find your first job as a frontend developer.

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Enjoy a peer-to-peer learning experience:
The Scrimba community has a Discord server where over 31,000 members worldwide connect and interact, asking questions and helping others whenever they get stuck with a coding task.

Learn at your own pace:
Whether you choose a Scrimba course, the career path, or the bootcamp, you will always have the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Besides the weekly coding challenges (which are optative) there are no deadlines!

Get career advice:
Scriba is a great platform to not only learn frontend development but also to get your first job as a developer with no experience. You will find insightful career advice, interview preparation guidelines, resume tips, and more.



No requirements.



Power hours take place in the Scrimba Discord 4x a day. A power hour is a distraction-free, highly focused hour where you work on an important task without interruption. Other members' presence will help you stay accountable and focus on the task at hand.

Learning Events

Scrimba hosts live events every week. Among these, you can participate in themed coding competitions, the Town Hall (which is an opportunity to ask questions to the team at Scrimba), expert interviews, and live-coding streams.

Networking Events

Members of Scrimba connect and interact within a Discord server. There, you can meet like-minded peers from all corners of the globe who are also studying how to code with Scrimba. You can join the server to ask questions, help others, and stay accountable for your progress.

Additionally, the community organizes some networking events for members to get to know each other and make friends.

Content Library

Besides The Scrimba Podcast, a weekly podcast about learning to code and how to get your first junior developer job, the community also publishes excellent articles on their blog. On the other hand, Scrimba's YouTube channel is filled with useful tutorials and interviews with experts.


Scrimba has 40+ courses on its platform, on topics like HTML, CSS, React, Javascript, and more. Among those, there are many free courses.

On the other hand, The Frontend Developer Career Path is a surefire way of becoming a hireable frontend developer. It's available for Pro members only and includes over 75 hours of top-notch tutorials, coding challenges, and real-world projects. You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, UI design, career strategy, and more.

Additionally, you can join The Scrimba Bootcamp, a frontend development bootcamp that includes code reviews, a dedicated study group, weekly teacher-led group sessions, and help finding a job once you finish.


"I worked as a cleaner at a cruise ship when covid hit, and crushed the industry. So in July 2020, I started learning to code on Scrimba. Five months later, I got a job as a remote web developer for an SF-based startup. Scrimba has changed my life!" -Aldhair Escobar

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