Sekr is a vanlife app created by Breanne Acio and Jessica Shisler, two experienced travelers who know how complicated traveling could be without community support and safe places to stay at night. That's why they built a review-based app for travelers to find information for planning and traveling easier and safer.

The app offers information about 50,000+ campsites and places to stay overnight, along with a virtual network where travelers get connected and make new friends on the road.

Sekr is committed to sustainability and promotes educational resources for travelers to reduce their environmental impact in the places they stay.

You can join the community for free by installing the app, and stay updated for upcoming premium features they are working on. Members meet every Monday in Zoom to discuss their challenges and new strategies to face vanlife and find new job opportunities while traveling.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Breanne Acio, Jessica Shisler

  • Amount of members: 100,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Vanlife community:
Join a global community of travelers seeking to make new friends and share experiences with people on the road. With 100,000+ members, you can connect with like-minded people within the Sekr virtual network and participate in zoom meetings.

Learn and be minimal:
The app is a Leave No Trace partner and offers educational resources for travelers to reduce their environmental impact. You can also learn about digital nomad life and discover new ways of working while you travel around the world.


No requirements



The community joins in Zoom meetups every Monday to discuss travelers' lifestyle.

Networking Events

Members engage in Zoom live meetups where they share adventures, challenges and find new strategies for working while traveling around the world.


Content Library

Find previous meetups on the Youtube channel.

Within the app, you'll find a directory of 50,000+ reviewed campsites and places to stay. Check out the blog section to read stories from travelers.


The App is a Leave No Trace partner. They are financial and educational committed to promoting van life as a sustainable way of travel. A portion of all sales is donated to non-profit sustainability projects.


"Great resource! This app has already came in clutch. In our recent trip to Joshua Tree it helped us find a place to sleep. While there are other apps for you to use this one does so much more than that. Some of the ones I love are the ability to make new connections, attend events, or just read reviews of sleeping spots and plan trips." -Ryan


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