Sentdex is a free Discord server where developers worldwide gather to discuss mostly Phyton, but also other programming languages.

This Discord server is great to discuss general programming topics. There are several help channels, where members can post their questions or roadblocks they are currently encountering. It's a fantastic community to get programming advice and share your knowledge with others.

Indeed, the server has thousands of members from all over the world. Besides discussing programming topics, members also enjoy casual conversations in different off-topic and voice channels. Moreover, there is also a #show-and-tell channel where you are able to share your projects and receive feedback from other members. If you are looking to meet like-minded developers and even make some friends who share interests with you, then this community is for you.

Additionally, Sentdex's website is full of programming tutorials and guides. The articles cover many topics, but the main ones are machine learning, data analysis, and quantum computer programming. Sentdex's YouTube channel also is full of tutorials, if you are more of a visual person.

Lastly, the community offers "+=1", a monthly subscription that costs $9 per month. It allows you to download full video playlists, access Phyton challenges and questions to test your knowledge, enjoy one-on-one communication with the founder, and eliminate ads.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders:

    Harrison Kinsley

  • Amount of members: 19,700
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Discuss programming topics:
This Discord server provides members with the opportunity to discuss mostly Phyton, but also other programming languages. Members use the server to ask questions, get advice, and share knowledge with each other.

Connect with fellow developers worldwide:
By joining Sentdex, you will access a network of thousands of like-minded programmers from all over the world. You will also be able to make new friends and casually interact with others in the off-topic channel.

Learn with the community's programming tutorials:
The community's website is full of tutorials on topics such as machine learning, data analysis, and quantum computer programming. You can also get a monthly $9 subscription to leverage the full learning experience.



No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of Sentdex interact through a Discord server. Inside, they ask questions about programming in the different #help channels. It's a great place to get advice and useful tips and grow as a programmer as a result. Members mostly discuss Phyton, but they also address other programming languages in the server. Moreover, you can interact more casually with other members by talking about off-topic subjects and sharing non-programming-related hobbies and interests.

Content Library

The Sentdex community has a website where members can access lots of useful content. The website includes articles and guides on a variety of topics, the main ones are machine learning, data analysis, and quantum computer programming.

To support the community and get a full learning experience, you can get a "+=1" subscription. It costs $9 per month and gives you access to video playlist downloads, Phyton challenges and questions, one-on-one communication with the founder, and no ads.

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