skillShack is a free community for developers to expand their professional network and build in public by showcasing their projects.

You can join the community for free, there are no requirements. The platform allows you to participate in lively discussions with like-minded developers worldwide. Inside the forum, members ask questions, request advice, and keep each other accountable. Indeed, the platform is the perfect place to build in public and showcase the projects you are building. Members are able to provide progress updates as they scale, share their content (blogs, videos, or demos), and receive feedback on their code from other members.

Additionally, the community has a resume generator that allows your skills to stand out to get new career opportunities. On the other hand, if you need to hire fresh talent for your project, you can use the Developer Finder. Additionally, skillShack allows you to generate certificates to include in your portfolio. These certificates include the project you worked on, as well as the appreciation you received from the community.

Moreover, there are weekly challenges on web, mobile, and game development for you to practice your skills. Lastly, skillShack is working on skillShack for Students, which will include many institutions as well as mentoring opportunities. Overall, is a great community for developers with a passion for building projects to join and expand their professional network. They also have a Discord server for members to chat in real time!

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Sushrit Pasupuleti

  • Amount of members: 300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Showcase your projects:
skillShack allows you to showcase your projects with the rest of the community, sharing updates and progress as you grow, as well as sharing your content (blogs/videos), and receiving feedback on your code.

Expand your professional network:
This community is the perfect place to connect with like-minded developers who are building awesome projects worldwide. By joining, you will expand your professional network while you make new friends.

Find your next career opportunity:
You can create a resume directly inside the platform and let your skills stand out. Additionally, you can use the Developer Finder if you need to hire fresh talent for your project.


No requirements.



You can find weekly challenges on web, game, and mobile development, as well as related topics such as machine learning, React, React Native, Vue, Phyton, Node, and more. The skillShack challenges are great to test and perfect your skills while you have fun and work on real projects.

Learning Events

The community is currently working on skillShack for Students, which will include different institutions that will use the platform alongside the students. This segment will also include mentoring opportunities.

Networking Events

skillShack members connect and interact on the community's platform, which includes online discussion forums. Inside, you will find lively discussions on different development-related topics. Members use the community to get code feedback, provide progress updates, showcase their work, and ask/answer questions. Additionally, you can upload your resume to the platform to get career opportunities and find the right developers for your organization by using the Developer Finder feature.

Additionally, you can join the community's Discord server to chat in real-time with other members. However, keep in mind that most members hang out on the platform itself.

Content Library

Members of the community are constantly sharing blogs and YouTube videos of their projects inside the online forum. You will also find other relevant resources, according to the topic and thread.


skillShack allows you to generate certificates for your projects, that you can later include in your portfolio. These certificates capture all the appreciation you've received on the platform from other members.


"I think skillShack is a great application that has been implemented very well! The sign-up process was easy and painless, and creating a post is straightforward. With consistent work on this project, I can definitely see the community growing in the future, and I very much look forward to watching it grow!" -Joel Giovinazzo

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