STM Forum is an exclusive, paid forum for affiliate marketers. It includes engaging, relevant conversations along with tons of high-quality content. 

There are no requirements to join the forum. Membership costs $99/month and comes with many benefits.

The STM Forum is full of affiliate marketers from all over the world, with diverse skills levels and across different niches. By joining the community, you immediately get access to a peer support network of people who can help you with advice and feedback. STM is the right place to meet like-minded people, join collaborations with others, and expand your professional network.

Additionally, members get access to a lot of high-quality, relevant content for your affiliate marketing journey. Besides the thousands of past posts in the forum (full of golden nuggets and insights), you get more curated resources. For example, "The Newbie Zone" is a specific section inside the forum. It includes extensive onboarding guides, along with a 40-day tutorial to get you started in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, STM is full of strategies shared by veterans, case studies you can replicate, industry reports, courses, and step-by-step tutorials for every traffic source and vertical used by affiliate marketers. It also includes some masterminds you can leverage to advance in your career.

On the other hand, the STM membership includes thousands of dollars in discounts from different companies, such as spy tools, trackers, and traffic sources.

Lastly, you can deepen the virtual relationships you establish with members in the online forum by attending in-person meetups. Members organize in-person networking meetups and other events in a specific section inside the forum. There are members from all over the world, so surely there is an event near you!

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    Besmir Bregasi and Lorenzo Green

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Interact with like-minded affiliate marketers:
STM Forum is full of affiliate marketers of all skill levels and across different niches. By joining, you will expand your professional network, join collaborations with others, and get relevant help and feedback when you need it.

Learn about affiliate marketing:
An STM membership allows you to access tons of high-quality content. Members have access not only to masterminds and industry reports but also to extensive guides, step-by-step tutorials, and courses.

Participate in community events:
Members organize in-person meetups in different locations around the world. You can join these meetings and participate in the Affiliate World Conferences to meet members in person and deepen relationships.

  • Monthly Cost



No requirements.


Learning Events

STM Forum provides its members with masterminds for all skill levels, for every traffic type and specialty. But additionally, there are other learning opportunities. STM Forum is part of iStack Holdings, which hosts the Affiliate World Conferences. This is a bi-annual affiliate marketing conference held in Europe and Asia. With thousands of attendees from all over the world and over 60 speakers, these conferences are a must for affiliate marketers.

Networking Events

Members connect and interact mainly via STM's online forum. The forum has some useful tools for affiliate marketers, such as the Aff Networks Application Tool to apply to multiple affiliate networks at once. On the other hand, the Affiliate Contacts Directory will help you to quickly find affiliate networks, traffic networks, and other products and services useful for affiliate marketers.

The forum has several categories for members to start relevant, engaging conversations:

  • News and Information
  • The Newbie Zone
  • General
  • Traffic Sources
  • Technical and Creative Skills
  • Extras

... and more! Members use STM to connect with peers who work in the same industry, bouncing off ideas and leveraging fresh insights from others' experiences. The forum will help you to expand your professional network, meet like-minded people, and join collaborations with other members.

On the other hand, you can participate in local meetups around the world. There is a specific section in the forum where members organize in-person meetings in different locations worldwide. Attending these networking events will allow you to deepen the virtual relationships you develop with other affiliate marketers at STM.

Lastly, the community also includes access to AffJobs. This is an affiliate marketing job board that will allow you to hire new talents for your team, or find your next career opportunity.

Content Library

A membership at STM Forum allows you to access lots of content to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge. On the one hand, "The Newbie Zone" is a section of the online forum that contains all the information you need to get started with affiliate marketing. It includes onboarding guides and a 40-day tutorial to get started.

On the other hand, the forum is filled with strategies shared by veterans, case studies you can replicate, industry reports, and step-by-step tutorials for every traffic source and vertical used by affiliate marketers.


Members of STM Forum get access to all courses of iStack Training. Mostly, iStack Training videos are about eCommerce and Facebook Ads. You will find lots of courses, masterclasses, bundles, and live training replays for you to get better quickly at affiliate marketing.

Benefits with other companies

A membership at STM Forum rewards members with thousands of dollars worth of discounts for dozens of tools, trackers, and traffic sources for affiliate marketers. Some of the companies that offer discounts with STM Forum are Adplexity, FunnelFlux, TheOptimizer, Binom, ZeroPark, Voluum, MGID, Propeller Ads, and many more.


"STM is by far the most useful CPA media buying affiliate community there is. Whether you're new or experienced it's packed with real-world knowledge and data for all levels. If a newer affiliate came to me and said they had $100 to invest in affiliate marketing I'd tell them to spend it on STM. Thank you for building a nurturing community for learning and networking." -Jason Akatiff

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