SuperHi is a digital learning platform with an online community that offers paid courses on code, design, and project management.

You can register and create your SuperHi account for free, but that only allows you to access the platform's code editor and one free course. However, by buying at least one course you get access to SuperHi's online community of fellow students. Inside, members interact with like-minded peers and get ongoing career support and advice.

There are over 25 courses to choose from, and their prices range from $149 to $499. Topics include code, design, and project management, and they are divided according to experience level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All include certificates of completion.

Besides entering the online community, those who buy at least a course get access to resources such as the content library, guides, and tutorials. But you can also get the SuperHi Unlimited Membership, which costs $360/year. It includes all the benefits of buying individual courses, with additional perks.

For example, this membership allows you to access several events. These include AMAs, workshops, office hours, and even a peer mentorship program. Additionally, you get access to the entire course catalog, members-only resources and content, and exclusive discounts on software and design tools. 

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Rik Lomas

  • Amount of members: 10,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Boost your career:
SuperHi courses are great to get new skills and perfect those you already have. There are over 25 online courses on code, design, and project management to choose from.

Get access to a lively online community:
Every person that buys at least one course gets access to the online community. Inside, you will find other students who are also trying to boost their careers, allowing you to expand your professional network and make new friends.

Leverage SuperHi resources:
SuperHi offers a content library that mostly contains how-to articles on diverse topics. Additionally, they have a free code editor, a book, and several guides and tutorials.

  • One Time Cost

Included in Free Version

You can register at SuperHi for free to test the platform's code editor, and there is also a free course on web design. However, you can't access the community until you buy a course (prices start at $149).


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community organizes Ask Me Anything events with creative industry experts, as well as other online events such as workshops on design and code. The community also plans to launch a peer mentorship program and office hours with SuperHi team members. However, these benefits are only accessible to members with the SuperHi Unlimited Membership.

Networking Events

To access SuperHi's online community, you need to buy at least a course or get the SuperHi Unlimited Membership. Inside the community, you will find fellow students who are also trying to build a career as developers or designers. This group provides members with ongoing career support and advice and allows you to expand your professional network at the same time.

Content Library

The community offers many resources for members. Firstly, you can access the platform's code editor for free. On the other hand, by buying at least a course you can explore the community's library, which mostly consists of how-to articles on diverse topics. Additionally, there are guides and tutorials, as well as a book (created by the SuperHi team) called "Learn To Code Now". Members who get the SuperHi Unlimited Membership also get access to members-only content.


SuperHi has 25+ online courses on code, design, and project management, divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There is one free course, "Plan, Design + Code Your First Website". All others are paid, and their prices range from $149 to $499.

Benefits with other companies

The SuperHi Unlimited Membership includes exclusive discounts for software and creative tools.


I keep coming back to SuperHi even when I'm not taking a course. SuperHi is an affordable option compared to bootcamps and the only online learning experience I found that has a genuine community of people that are active and involved.” -Jennifer G.


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