Swipe Files offers learning and networking opportunities for marketers through an asynchronous platform and a curated learning program.

By joining live streams and 1:1 conversations, you'll be in touch with the smartest marketers in the industry to receive feedback and build new connections in a community of experts.

Learn marketing best practices and upgrade your copywriting skills by taking the Swipe Files courses and analyzing the step-by-step breakdowns.

You can subscribe to the newsletter for free or choose a $99 annual membership for unlocking exclusive content.

Pro members access to a private community of marketers and entrepreneurs hosted in Circle, along with premium resources.

Take advantage of teardowns on landing pages, emails, and ads to build your campaigns on proven templates. Avoid the guesswork and uplevel your content by learning from the experts in a community created to fit in any professional schedule.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders:

    Corey Haines

  • Amount of members: 1,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Be part of a community of marketers:
Engage with brilliant folks and stay connected with people who will help you enhance your career.

Receive feedback from a community of experts and improve your services in a collaborative group of like-minded people.

Curated newsletter:
Receive curated content covering a wide variety of industries and examples to push you to think outside the box.

The founder writes to tell hidden stories, new framework thinking, and bleeding edge tactics. You can also take advantage of the web version to read the newsletter outside your inbox.

Hosting monthly gatherings, members engage in 1:1 conversations to forge real friendships. Be part of 1:1 conversations and discuss community trending topics deeper.

Participate in brainstorming sessions to reflect on the latest developments in marketing.

Courses and learning resources:
Access to marketing courses designed to boost your career. You'll learn from best practices to proven strategies to uplevel your outcomes.

Access to 1,500 examples to start your projects using proven templates. Launch your email campaign, blog, headline, or landing page easily.

  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can subscribe to the newsletter for free.



No requirements.



Members meet in monthly conversations where they make new connections and go deep in community discussions.

With brainstorming sessions and 1:1 encounters, meetups are where folks talk about the latest developments in marketing.

Learning Events

Participate in live streams to learn fresh content from experts talks.

Networking Events

Join a network with the smartest minds in marketing, hang with members, and expand your connections in a support group. Swipe Files use Circle to host community activities, ensuring a revolutionary networking experience.

The platform facilitates asynchronous interaction for keeping threads organized and don't miss any discussion.

Avoid noisy Facebook groups to focus on threads that matter, and build long-lasting connections in a simple platform.

Content Library

Membership gives you access to 1,500 examples and templates to start your next blog, headline, ad, or landing page. Avoid guesswork by working over curated content instead of starting from scratch.

Access to a detailed library with marketing examples constructed using reverse engineering.

Learn through practical examples to master the first principles used by top companies.


With updated courses, Swipe Files offer training on marketing psychology, proven growth strategies, copywriting, and more.

You can purchase them separately or subscribe to a premium membership to unlock the full program.


"@coreyhainesco is one of the smartest marketers on Twitter. I continually learn so much from him about SaaS and growth strategy. Check out his @SwipeFilesco community for solid teardowns on what is working in marketing." -Alessandra Colaci

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