The Blueprint Training is an online community that helps consultants, freelancers, and SEO agencies make more profit with less work.

The community offers different tools to reach members' goals. For instance, they can access videos, podcast episodes, SEO templates, and Zoom calls for consulting purposes. Besides, there is a group on Slack to keep interaction among members growing.

The community follows three principles: speed, communication, and accountability. The first one is focused on taking one hour weekly to teach members the Sprint methodology (we'll talk more about this below). The second is about efficient communication through different channels, even DMs to the community staff. The last principle raises awareness of accountability among members to speed their growth process.

The Sprint methodology is a mix of video training, live training, and direct consulting. It means constant guidance and help throughout the process. All of this within a set time.

To join The Blueprint Training, you need to schedule a call. It's a 1-1 meeting in which you will receive guidance to start off. Then, based on your specific necessities, program costs may vary. The Blueprint Training guarantees you to make $100K+ per month with their methodology.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Ryan Stewart

  • Amount of members: 500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Access useful resources:
The Blueprint Training offers content to members in different formats. You will find videos, podcasts, and free SEO templates. All of them aim to help members boost their services and make more profit as a result.

Boost your business:
No matter if you are a freelancer, an SEO agency, or a consultant, this community will help you increase your income. It gives you tools, advice, and a methodology to reach over $100K/month by selling SEO services.

Receive guidance:
As the community is based on three principles, you will be carefully guided to reach your goals. The Blueprint Training makes it easy for members to stay communicated with each other and the staff.


To join, you need to schedule a call.



To join the community all members must schedule an initial call. It is a 1-1 meeting to receive guidance and mentorship on your project. Thus, you will receive advice on where to start. Once you are a member, you can participate in bi-weekly consulting sessions via Zoom. These are spaces to solve your doubts and continue learning.

Networking Events

Members communicate within a Slack workspace. You will get access to this private space once you join the community. Inside, The Blueprint Training members enjoy bouncing off ideas with other entrepreneurs and discussing growth strategies.

Content Library

Members have access to content in different formats. The first resource is a weekly podcast oriented toward the process of building a successful SEO agency. There is another section with free SEO templates. Members have access to an SEO plan that includes 9 templates and step-by-step training videos.


The community's 12-week program is oriented to boost SEO services for freelancers, consultants, and agencies. You will be trained according to the Sprint methodology. The program includes several videos and live training as well as direct consulting sessions (which are held twice a week via Zoom). Besides, there are workbooks for members to fill out and review them with an expert, which makes it easier to apply all you've learned.


"Within 30 days of starting The Blueprint Training, I got a client from what I learned worth 8k+ which more than paid for the course. Thanks everyone, your teachings are top shelf stuff." -Kevin Gallagher


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