The Coding Career is a community of people who have bought the book of the same name, written by Shawn Swyx Wang. It works mainly on Discord and Circle.

The Coding Career Handbook is a book that will teach you how to transition from junior to senior developer. It is filled with guides, strategies, and techniques, derived from the author's personal experience.

You can read 4 chapters of the book for free before buying it, to see if you are interested. Although the book costs $59, for $99 you will also get lifetime access to the community.

The community works mainly on Discord, where you will find like-minded people who have also read the book. Members discuss the book and exchange new ideas daily. They mostly talk about learning in public stuff, but you can also find off-topic channels such as pets and health. On the other hand, the group is a great place to share your work and even find new jobs with the job board.

The Coding Career has also a knowledge base on Circle. Inside, you can participate in the Creators Mastermind and watch past workshops, as well as be notified when new ones appear. Furthermore, you will find a growing list of resources such as articles, books suggestions, podcasts, and videos. This is also a place where members organize local meetups to meet others in person (usually in the United States).

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Shawn Swyx Wang

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn how to supercharge your career as a developer:
The Coding Career Handbook is a book that will teach you how to transition from junior to senior developer with the help of several techniques, strategies, and the personal experience of the author.

Participate from a thriving online community:
The online group in Discord is a great place to discuss the book with other people who have read it and exchange ideas. You can share your work, request feedback, and even find new jobs with the job board.

Grow even more with the community's knowledge base:
The Coding Career has more learning opportunities on Circle. You can participate from the Creators Mastermind, from different online workshops, and explore the growing list of resources for developers.

  • One Time Cost


No requirements.



Every month, you can participate in casual virtual meetups with Swyx, the author of The Coding Career Handbook and founder of the community. In these Q&A sessions, members talk about different issues they may be having when transitioning from junior to senior developers.

Learning Events

The Coding Career has a dedicated space in Circle for you to complete the Creators Mastermind, also created by Swyx. On the other hand, the community's Circle has a workshops section for you to watch past workshops and be notified when new ones appear.

Networking Events

The Coding Career has a Discord server where people gather to bounce off ideas, discuss the book, and provide feedback. You can also share your work with the rest of the community, and talk about off-topic stuff like pets or health. The online group is a great place to meet like-minded people and even to find new jobs.

You can also meet other members in person and organize local meetups (usually in the United States).

Content Library

The community's Circle works as a knowledge base where people talk about learning in public. There are lots of book suggestions, videos, articles, and podcasts to enhance your learning and get even more out of the book.


For anyone looking for career advice as a coder but is tired of being told they have to do X or never do Y. Shawn is sharing his personal experiences and knowledge of navigating these sometimes overwhelming waters in the hopes you might find something useful. It's like having a caring big brother in your pocket! (if you read on your phone).” -Chen Hui Jing

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