The Community Roundtable is a paid, online community for community managers, community executives, and community program owners from all over the world.

By being a member of The CR Network (which costs $1,995 per year) you can fully access all the services the community provides. On the one hand, you will access an online group. There, you will be able to have weekly live chats and happy hours with other members to connect, network, and vent community issues. Besides, you can access a forum 24/7 to discuss relevant community topics.

On the other hand, as a member, you can access The CR Library. This is the most comprehensive content library out there for everything community-related. Inside the library, you can find tools, templates, extensive how-to guides, case studies, reports, and multimedia assets such as podcasts, interviews with expert community leaders, videos, and more.

As a member of The CR Network, you can access this library for free. You can also enter with an annual fee of $250 to the entire library. Lastly, a fee of $150 gives you access to specific bundles of content according to what you need.

Besides the resources and the community, The Community Roundtable has The CR Academy. This is a library of training courses to get educated about building, maintaining, and growing a community. As a member of The CR Network, you can access all the courses for free. You can also purchase them individually if you don't have a membership.

Lastly, you can also enter virtual and in-person events. Virtual events take place many times per month, while in-person events are occasional. With a membership, you can also get exclusive discounts on workshops, live events, and advisory services.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Founders:

    Jim Storer

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community of community leaders:
The CR Network gathers community leaders from all over the world on an online platform to network, learn and grow your career as a community manager/executive.

Member-exclusive resources:
As a member, you can get access to The Community Roundtable's huge library of resources, backed by 10+ years of research. This comprehensive directory collects resources like case studies, extensive how-to guides, tools and software, multimedia assets, and more, all organized in bundles to better find what you need.

Community training and discounts:
Members of The CR Network have access (for free!) to all The Community Roundtable's courses on community leadership and management. As a member, you can also access discounts on advisory services, live events, workshops, and more.

  • Yearly Cost


No requirements.



If you are a member of The CR Network, you will participate in weekly round-tables sessions, led by experts, to solve your specific community challenges. You can also participate on member-led advisory boards, research working groups, and weekly live chats with members to network and connect.

Besides live meetings, you will have access 24/7 to an online forum to discuss relevant community issues with other members.

Learning Events

Many times per month, The Community Roundtable organizes virtual events for members of The CR Network. These events are mostly webinars and interviews with expert community leaders. Members have discounts for workshops and in-person events as well.

Networking Events

As a member of The CR Network, you can participate in weekly happy hours and live chats with other members, to vent, network, and connect. There are also occasional in-person events, and members have discount opportunities for these.

Content Library

The Community Roundtable has a huge content library backed with 10+ years of research. Inside, you will find templates, reports, case studies, and extensive how-to guides on any community topic you need help with.

There is also multimedia content such as podcasts, interviews with experts, videos, and webinars. The content is organized in bundles to better help you find what you need.


The Community Roundtable has created the CR Academy, an educational resource to grow your knowledge about community management topics. Inside, you can find a variety of paid courses to join (members of The CR Network have free access to all courses). The average price per course is $500.

Benefits with other companies

Members can save 25% or more on live events, workshops, educational content, and advisory services.


"The perspective I've gained has been invaluable in making the case for community-related budget and resources. It has also helped me build a vocabulary to communicate about communities". -Alex Blanton

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