The Lab is a paid community for professional creators. They can join to learn how to grow in their careers and connect with other like-minded creators.

This community is hosted by Creator Science. You can join The Lab by choosing one of two memberships:

  • Standard membership ($1499/year): includes access to an exclusive forum and a real-time chat. It also has "Shared Focus Sprints", weekly office hours, several "Hot Seats" per month, "Monthly Retros", and Creator Science courses and workshops.
  • VIP membership ($2499/year): It includes all Standard features plus a quarterly 1:1 call with the founder, priority feedback and support, and secret VIP experiences.

The "Shared Focus Sprints" are 2-6 weeks cohort-based courses. They are only available to members of The Lab and teach them how to successfully build a creative platform. On the other hand, the "Monthly Retros" are in-depth videos with a transparent look at Jay's (the founder) business performance. This may be useful for members to make their own decisions on their businesses.

Furthermore, "Hot Seats" are 1:1 coaching conversations inside the community. The weekly office hours, Shared Focus Sprints, Monthly Retros, and Hot Seats, are all incredible tools for creators to solidify their knowledge and grow in their careers.

Lastly, there are 9 workshops and 3 courses available for members of The Lab to learn at their own pace. Overall, this is a great community if you are committed to becoming a professional creator. It will give you the connections and resources needed to achieve it.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Jay Clouse

  • Amount of members: 150
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Receive guidance:
The founder and other experts are ready to keep track of your process and help you succeed. You can join 1:1 coaching calls, weekly office hours, and other meetings that will give you feedback and support.

Learn at your own pace:
A membership at The Lab allows you to access all courses and workshops available at Creator Science. These include 3 courses and 9 workshops for you to learn at your own pace.

Connect with like-minded peers:
The Lab is overall a great community to meet like-minded creators from all over the world who are also looking forward to creating a profitable, successful business out of content creation and creative platforms.

  • Yearly Cost


No requirements.



There are three different meetings members have access to once they join The Lab. The first one is "Hot Seats", which are 1:1 coaching conversations with Jay, the founder. Another meeting includes weekly office hours for you to get feedback and support. These two meetings are available in both memberships.

However, the third meeting is exclusive to VIP members. It's a quarterly 1:1 in-depth call with Jay where members receive personalized and prioritized feedback and support.

Networking Events

To keep the interaction going among members, The Lab offers a members-only forum and a private real-time chat app. Both alternatives are great for you to connect with like-minded creators worldwide, build a strong network, and get peer support.

Content Library

Members of the Lab have access to a "Community Swipe File", which is a growing repository of templates, ideas, and examples you can use as a base for your projects. Also, members can access past workshops.

On the other hand, each month the founder launches a new "Retro": These are in-depth videos where he shares his experience running his business, the ups and downs of creating content, and the decisions he had to make thorough the month.


The Lab has 3 courses and 9 workshops available. The courses focus on providing members with a general overview of key aspects in content creation. These are Podcast like the pros, Build a beloved membership, and The freelancing masterclass.

On the other hand, workshops address specific issues in content creation. The following are the workshops available: creator catalyst, community building crash course, memberships and advanced community building, invisible selling workshop, email workshop, web3 crash course, price is not the problem, annual planning workshop, indie podcaster crash course.

As a plus, members have access to Shared Focus Sprints. These are exclusive cohort-based courses. They last between 2 and 6 weeks. You can join live sessions and foster your learning process.


"It was so fun and rewarding being in the Hot Seat. Jay was able to review our membership and gave me strategic direction that resulted in adding tiered options for our members and increasing our prices 3x". -Becky Pierson

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