Building a community of no-code people, The Maker School is a place for creators seeking to advance their development skills. Within Discord channels, you'll discover places for making new friends and learning from members' curated resources.

Join for free to access the Discord community or choose a fellowship program valued at $500 to master no-code tools. The 6-week cohort-based fellowship will help you to turn your ideas into products through community building.

Learn about the latest no-code tools and discover how to manage your projects with experienced mentors.

The Maker School community shares job opportunities, free resources, and ideas within dedicated channels. You can be part of live rooms, sessions, and hangouts to engage with fellow makers and build in public.

Get support for your projects and ask for honest feedback from experienced members. Take advantage of the available spaces to promote yourself and discover new no-code products before anyone else.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Sahil Patel

  • Amount of members: 1,600
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Job opportunities:
Stay updated with the latest open positions to apply for your next dream job within the #post-a-job channel.

Learn and share resources within the curated reads, links, and investor channels.
Discover how to build software using no-code tools.

Premium membership gives access to MVP building and product roadmap resources.

Join social channels and meet no-code people. Build new connections and find collaborators for your projects.

There are dedicated feedback sections to share your ideas and ongoing projects with the community and receive meaningful comments.

Join virtual events hosted in Discord and participate in member-led discussions within the live rooms.

Fellowship program:
Participate in a 6-week schedule to learn how to build apps, websites, and more digital products. Join an exclusive community and build your ideas along with your peers and experienced mentors.

  • One Time Cost

Included in Free Version

Free membership includes access to Discord channels to engage with community members, find new job opportunities, and unlock exclusive resources.



No requirements.



The community organizes live rooms, sessions, and hangouts to engage and bond.

Networking Events

Members participate in Discord channels to discuss trending topics and meet new people. You'll find support and valuable feedback from a community of no coders.

Content Library

Within the #share channel, you'll find projects and resources shared by members. Get inspired with fellow entrepreneurs' products and learn with free tools.


The community has a 6-week cohort-based course to leveling up your no-code skills.

You'll learn how to use common tools to set up your projects easily. Participants join in a private community and build products together. The program costs $500 for the whole 6-week schedule.


"You can now launch your online business using a host of no-code tools, whether it’s Bubble or thousands of others out there. So there’s no excuse, you can launch your idea now!" -Emmanuel, Co-CEO and founder at Bubble.

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