The Pack is a community that offers productivity cohorts and group accountability for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Isolation is common in the world of remote workers and entrepreneurs. This community's mission is to combat the lack of motivation that comes with finding a lot of obstacles and not having people to support you along the way.

The Pack offers 8-week productivity accelerators. Round 21 will begin on January 2022. By joining the monthly membership you will get access to the Slack group. This online group is the perfect place to find the support you need to reach your goals. Inside, you can share your goals and get inspiration from other members' goals. Additionally, you will be able to ask for help anytime you get stuck and get a motivation boost by helping others.

The Slack group includes a lot of resources members share every day. Examples of these resources are tools recommendations, productivity hacks, and time management tips. Members also share software members are using, and helpful articles/YouTube channels/podcasts that members have found helpful along their journey.

On the other hand, by joining the acceleration program you will get regular meetings to keep you accountable. The daily goal-setting meetings are ideal to help you prepare for the day ahead. There will also be monthly review meetings, where you reflect on all you have accomplished in the last month, as well as set your goals for the month ahead.

The community also helps you to find an accountability buddy. This person will accompany you all the time the cohort lasts, and you will learn together while you help each other with struggles and obstacles you may be facing. The Pack is an excellent community to make friends, network with other entrepreneurs, and break the isolation cycle.

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  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    George Siosi Samuels

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Skyrocket your motivation and productivity:
The Pack's online Slack group is a place where people share their goals to get a quick motivation boost. You can also be inspired by knowing other members' goals. Ask for help and support any time you get stuck, and leverage the awesome productivity resources members share in the group to help you work smarter, not harder.

Join an 8-week productivity accelerator:
The community runs 8-week cohorts where they focus on taking action. With daily goal-setting meetings and monthly review meetings, this community is the perfect way to honor your commitments and reach your goals faster.

Find an accountability buddy:
Isolation is common among freelancers and entrepreneurs. The Pack allows you to find an accountability buddy to keep you on track and to find the necessary motivation to achieve the success you want.



No requirements.



Members of The Pack meet daily for accountability and support. Every day, members share their goals for the day, along with the struggles they are facing and the wins they have achieved.

Additionally, members of the community have a monthly meeting to review what has happened in that month, what they have accomplished, and what are their ambitions for the month ahead.

Networking Events

Members communicate daily via a Slack group. Inside the community, you can find an accountability buddy that will keep you on track and honor your commitments. You will get inspired by others' goals, and by sharing your own goals your motivation will skyrocket. This community has a strong focus on taking action, and you will be able to ask for help any time you need in the online group.

Content Library

Inside the online group, members share a lot of resources. Those resources are mostly productivity hacks and tools, the software they are currently using, and articles/YouTube channels/podcasts that have helped them through their journey.

Additionally, by being a member you will be able to access webinar recordings for the goal-setting and monthly review meetings.


The Pack runs eight-week productivity accelerators. Round 21 starts on January 2022. These cohorts include daily goal-setting meetings, monthly review meetings, and a dedicated accountability buddy to accompany you through the process. By joining, you will enter the Slack group where you can find daily support. The group is the ideal place to ask for help, share your goals, and learn by helping others.


"Accountability - showing up every day and for pack meetups. This has helped me build a routine and have self-control, to show up with clarity and focus on goals. The Pack helped me get it out of my head and onto paper which I struggle with. The mindmap of goals was super helpful. Support and encouragement from members - having people check in on daily scrums or events in my life has been particularly helpful emotionally. Community and connection have been the most helpful. One of the main reasons I joined was isolation. Sharing and being vulnerable with members has been the most rewarding experience." -Bianca P.

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