The Website Flip is a free, information-packed newsletter about website flipping. It also has a private, members-only community on Facebook.

To subscribe to the newsletter is completely free. The Website Flip sends three emails per week. Every email has guides, case studies, and a curated list of websites for sale. It's a no-brainer for any investor who is looking into website flipping because it will give you relevant, valuable information on how to perform a successful website flip.

Besides the newsletter, the community has a ton of other resources to help you learn how to buy a website low and sell it high. On the one hand, you can explore some case studies on the website, along with step-by-step guides and a list of tools for content websites. All that information is free!

On the other hand, The Website Flip has an exclusive Club. The Website Flip Club costs $290/year and it includes:

  • Data of thousands of niche sites.
  • Step-by-step exclusive guides on different topics.
  • Data-driven case studies. 
  • Website flipping reports.
  • Analytics and raw data.
  • Downloadable assets (templates, spreadsheets, worksheets)

But perhaps the most valuable feature of being part of The Website Flip Club is the ability to enter a private Facebook group. Inside, you will find investors and content creators flipping websites. It's an awesome space to bounce off ideas with like-minded people, request advice, and give feedback.

Lastly, members of the Club get a 25% discount on the community's products. These products include two online courses, along with consulting options. They also offer a database of proven strategies for website growth, a due diligence dashboard for researching websites before buying, and a website brokerage to easily sell your website.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Mushfiq Sarker

  • Amount of members: 1,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Leverage information-packed newsletters:
Subscribing to The Website Flip newsletter is completely free. Every email includes website growth case studies, guides, and a curated list of websites on sale. It's a no-brainer for investors looking into website flipping!

Join the Club:
Members of the community's Club get exclusive access to high-value information, such as analytics, raw data, reports, and downloadable assets. Additionally, members can enter a private Facebook community to meet like-minded people and bounce off ideas with other website flippers.

Get all the tools you need for website flipping:
Besides the community's courses, which can be a great starting point to learn website flipping, The Website Flip also offers a database of proven growth strategies, a due diligence dashboard, consulting options, and a website brokerage to easily sell your website.


No requirements.


Learning Events

The Website Flip offers consulting services, one of which is strategy calls. These online calls are an awesome learning opportunity and a chance to obtain personalized help for content websites. You can check out the services page to view other services.

Networking Events

Members of The Website Flip exclusive club have access to a Facebook group of over 1,300 investors and people running content sites. This online group is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and bounce off ideas and insights.

Content Library

If you are subscribed to the free newsletter, you will receive thrice-weekly emails containing case studies, data-driven guides, and websites for sale. On the community's website, you will also find some detailed guides, content websites for sale, and case studies.

On the other hand, members of the paid club get access to exclusive content. By visiting the members' area, they can get access to high-level reports and analytics, as well as downloads (worksheets, templates, etc.), and a breakdown step-by-step of the web flipping process.


The Website Flip offers two online courses, both for $290. On the one hand, the Website Flipping Course breaks down the necessary research to buy a website, along with growth hacking techniques, and how to get multiple figures exits by selling the website. On the other hand, the Aged Domain Course teaches you how to find and buy aged domains to create high-value content sites.

Benefits with other companies

By joining The Website Flip Club, you get a 25% discount on all the community's products (online courses, a database of strategies, due diligence dashboard, consulting, and website brokerage).


I read a TON of info on websites and Mushfiq’s is absolutely top of the stack. Always actionable, to the point, honest, and on the mark. Highly recommend!” –Rachel Parisi

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