Tonic Audio is a music management system that includes a "communities" feature and gathers musicians from all over the world.

With Tonic Audio, you can organize your songs, stems, lyrics, cover art, and DAW files in one place and collaborate with others for free. If you need more space or additional features, you can upgrade your membership to a paid plan.

Tonic Audio has a "communities" feature. This means you can create your own community or join others within the platform. When you register, you'll be immediately added to the Tonic Audio Community.

This community provides a Discord-like experience within a musician-driven space. The platform is designed to keep your files and feedback in the same place, reducing the hassle for you to concentrate on your music. Additionally, the platform is a great place to hang out and collaborate with like-minded artists and friends.

Overall, Tonic Audio is a great platform for musicians who want to share their music and receive relevant feedback. It also allows you to expand your professional network and make new friends.

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Enjoy a platform specifically for musicians:
Tonic Audio allows you to organize your songs, stems, lyrics, cover art, and DAW files in one place and collaborate with others for free in a Discord-like app.

Meet other musicians worldwide:
By joining Tonic Audio and participating in the communities inside the platform, you can meet like-minded musicians, create collaboration opportunities, and expand your professional network.



No requirements.


Networking Events

Tonic Audio members connect and interact with each other in communities inside the platform. Communities allow you to find like-minded folks, hang with them in channels, and collaborate remotely.

When you register, you are immediately added to the Tonic Audio Community. The community's core team is around to chat, provide support, and help you achieve your own musical goals on the Tonic Audio app. From there, you can build your own community or join other communities.

Content Library

You can explore Tonic Audio's knowledge base to learn how to make the most out of the platform.


"Before Tonic, it was a pain to create a collaborative remix album with multiple contributors - with Tonic, everything is organized and my collaborators can access all necessary files." -Popijininsky

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