Triple Whale is a paid eCommerce operating system that has a private, customer-only Slack group with over 1,200 marketers and online store owners.

This tool integrates with Shopify and allows you to collect better data to fuel your marketing efforts and grow your eCommerce store. The platform is paid, and it has several pricing tiers starting from $100/month.

Triple Whale's customers are able to connect and interact with each other inside a private, customer-only Slack group. The group has over 1,200 members from all over the world, which include not only online store owners but also marketers, big brands, and agencies.

Inside the group, members discuss DTC marketing topics. Additionally, they share knowledge on how to make the most out of Triple Whale's platform.

On the other hand, the community's website has lots of content and resources for you to learn to use the platform. Besides a newsletter and a podcast, Triple Whale also offers a university, guides, case studies, a knowledge base, and webinars.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Maxx Blank, Aj Orbach, and Ivan Chernykh

  • Amount of members: 1,200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn how to leverage the Triple Whale platform:
Triple Whale has extensive amounts of content for you to learn how to make the most out of the platform. This includes webinars, a knowledge base, guides, case studies, a newsletter, a podcast, and even a university full of in-depth tutorials.

Connect with other Triple Whale users:
The community has a private, customer-only Slack group with over 1,200 people discussing DTC strategies and tips to use Triple Whale. It's a great place to connect with others using the tool.

  • Monthly Cost


To enter the Narwal Nation (Triple Whale's Slack group) you need to be a Triple Whale customer.


Learning Events

The community organizes online webinars to discuss DTC strategies and feature Triple Whale tutorials.

Networking Events

Triple Whale customers are able to connect and interact inside a Slack group called Narwal Nation. This private Slack community is filled with DTC marketing experts, and the conversations happening inside will help you grow your eCommerce store and make the most out of Triple Whale tools.

Content Library

Triple Whale offers extensive amounts of content for people to learn more about DTC and the Triple Whale platform. On the one hand, you can subscribe to the community's newsletter and listen to its podcast. On the other hand, you can visit Triple Whale's knowledge base, a page full of guides and case studies, and the university, which features in-depth product tutorials.


"We can consolidate at least three platforms into one giving management, time, and a cost saving. Integrations are at least 90% easier than any other system, and we've saved an average of ~$1400 per client since transitioning to Triple Whale." -Elijah Schneider


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