UndercoverVC is a community for student founders that focuses on increasing the number of university campuses that can access venture capital.

To enter the community, you need to fill out an Airtable form. Inside, you will be telling a little about yourself, uploading your resume, and sharing a link to your LinkedIn profile. After the team accepts you into the community, you will be able to access a network of like-minded student founders from all across the United States.

The community is based on fellowship as the aim is to create more opportunities for entrepreneur students. Besides interacting with fellow students, you will work alongside other successful founders on your campus, getting relevant advice and even finding mentors. Additionally, you will develop mutually beneficial relationships with venture capital investors.

On the other hand, UndercoverVC also organizes events for members. You will have the opportunity, for example, to meet and interact with guest speakers and other experts. Moreover, the community helps members to learn core skills to raise capital for a company. Lastly, if you are a founder or an investor, you can also join the community. It's a great chance to help to expand venture capital opportunities to more university campuses in the United States.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Wade Fletcher

  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Find like-minded student entrepreneurs:
Under a fellowship program, this community aims to help young entrepreneurs find opportunities. By joining, you will be accessing a national network of students in the United States who are looking to become founders.

Connect with investors and successful founders:
UndercoverVC also accepts investors and founders to join the community. As a student entrepreneur, you will be working alongside successful founders on your campus, and developing relationships with venture capital investors.

Learn and grow:
UndercoverVC allows you to learn the core aspects of venture capital to be able to raise capital for your startup. You will receive tons of relevant advice from founders, industry experts, and guest speakers in numerous events.


To become part of the community, you need to first choose a role: fellow, founder, or funder. The next step is to fill out a form and wait for the community's approval.



Members who join the community as fellows have weekly meetings, at 3 PM Sundays and 8 PM Wednesdays (ET). When you fill out the form, you will be asked if you are available at those times.

Learning Events

Members of UndercoverVC participate in many events throughout the year. On the one hand, you can participate in interviews with experts and listen to the advice of guest speakers. On the other hand, you will meet with successful founders and other UndercoverVC members at your university campus to tackle different venture capital topics.

Networking Events

As many of the activities will be on campus, members commonly interact in person. However, members also enjoy virtual activities and can interact with founders, industry experts, investors, and guest speakers in different virtual community events.

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