Upwork is an online free community for freelancers and remote workers interested in expanding their professional network and building their careers.

Indeed, Upwork is an online platform for freelancers to offer their services and get new career opportunities. However, you can also join Upwork's community, which works inside a Discord server.

Upwork's community offers an opportunity to boost your professional career. However, it's important to keep in mind that's forbidden to only enter the community to sell yourself. Instead, the Discord server is a space to discuss freelance work: it isn't possible to trade or advertise your services.

The community's Discord server includes three main channels. The first one is to discuss remote work and how to start, grow, and maintain a freelance career. It's a space to discuss job offers, ask for help with problematic clients, and get feedback from other freelancers.

The second channel is more general. It aims to get to know each other and talk about random, off-topic subjects. Lastly, there is a "profiles-links" channel. As its name states, members use it to share their Upwork profiles. This is the only channel in the server that allows members to advertise their work and offer their services.

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Connect with fellow peers:
Upwork's Discord server is a fantastic space to share your experiences and learn from other freelancers. Inside, you will be able to bounce off ideas with many remote workers worldwide.

Boost your career:
The Upwork platform allows you to get hired and find new career opportunities in your field. However, the Discord server is also a great place to discuss freelancing life and get new tips on how to get the best out of it.


No requirements.


Learning Events

On Upwork's YouTube channel, there are many webinars, success stories, and interviews with industry leaders and other experts. No matter what your career path is, you will find value in these videos and grow as a professional by applying the advice.

On the other hand, you can access coaching opportunities. Upwork's coaches provide cohort coaching (in a group setting) and personalized coaching (one-on-one setting) to teach freelancers how to grow their businesses on Upwork.

Networking Events

Members of Upwork share and hang out through a Discord server. The general channel allows you to casually interact with fellow freelancers and discuss daily topics. Members commonly talk about their good and bad experiences as remote workers, share freelancing tips, help each other with problematic clients, and exchange feedback.

Additionally, you can connect with others in Upwork's community section. Inside, you will find an online forum with freelancers from all over the world asking and answering relevant questions.

Content Library

The community's Resource Center is full of relevant, curated resources for freelancers. You can read success stories, find useful guides and articles, or explore different pieces of research.


The Upwork Academy is full of courses and learning paths for freelancers that are new to the platform. By leveraging those courses, you will be able to learn how to build a competent profile and portfolio, how to calculate rates, what successful proposals look like, and what it means to communicate efficiently with your clients.


I don’t think business would have grown as fast or as well if not for the freelancers’ expertise and ability to adapt.” -Anthony Massarweh

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